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Rogue plays Soccer

AO: rogue
Q: Swingline
PAX: Bemis, Quaker, Friar Tuck, LA Gear, Tube Socks, Easy Street, Churchkey
FNGs: None
Swingline explained the route and the PAX waited on Easy’s arrival. The PAX promptly left at 5:17 AM.

Started off on the back side of Target. Tube Socks began an inner struggle between sidewalks or the proper side of the road. Churchkey exacerbated Tube Socks conundrum by going far left. At one point, 4 PAX went Rogue by getting off the sidewalk and running on the right side of the road. Tube Socks was possibly enraged at this point, but the PAX marched on to the fields.

Quaker spots a vagrant on the bridge and quickly flees to the other side of the road. This left Swingline and Friar Tuck alone to fend for themselves against the squirrelly vagrant, they survived and Quaker returned.

Plenty of mumble chatter that evolved from talks of porn to the history of the world. This history spanning the War of Southern Independence all the way to the Ukraine War, then back to how Constantinople could’ve been saved if they had cell phones back in the day.

The run ended with the best mumble chatter moment from Tube Socks. He discussed his interview prowess as he asked about how well endowed they are. Quite giddy to hear about how well they filled out their pants, I mean portfolio.


Need for Speed on 5/11 – see Easy Street
Race for the Pump or Pump Race – mix of Boot camp and Run race through Strictly Running

Prayers for Dave Richards (LA Gear’s Uncle, Tapeworm’s brother and Belding’s dad) health challenges – currently at Richland receiving treatment.

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