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Chasin’ that Ferret’s gon git you kilt boy!

AO: rogue
Q: BunkBed
PAX: Garnish, Swingline, Christopher Childers (F3 Satchel), Friar Tuck, Easy Street, Bemis, SlideWhistle
FNGs: None
CONDITIONS: We avoided the rain making for an almost perfect day!
Rationale this morning was to make it to the other side of I-77 and get our valued friend from my side of the river Christopher Childers (F3 Satchel) to post at the mythical, legendary, super secret run group on a bootcamp day known as rogue! Although with the way things are going in Lexington everyday might be a pickleball day now. The great irony of Satchel’s post is that rogue is closer to him than Stride the run AO he is AOQ of. :joy:
After some suggestions YHC altered his original route for the PAX to take a tour of the outer perimeter of the greater Old Woodlands area and avoid traffic filled areas bereft of sidewalks.
If anything, YHC can be stubborn in pursuit of a goal and that was to make it across I-77 this morning. So YHC split off and ran his original route because he will not stop until his heatmap stretches across out great state! :elmofire: They said that Atlas was too dangerous due to traffic (they were right, a few too many cars for a large group, definitely a 1-3ish PAX journey, maybe a holiday weekend morning run where people aren’t going to work?), they said that the neighborhoods were unsafe to DRIVE in (the three streets were normal Mungo home-esque looking houses), but if you listened to what they say you’ll never grow! :aaw_yeah: (If you do listen though you probably won’t get stabbed, chased by a dog or hit by a car :man-shrugging: )

Post run thought is that Atlas Rd does have a side walk to Fountain Lake Rd, might be a fun trip out that way again straight down Garners Ferry then loop the neighborhood.

And of course no BunkBed Q could end without a selfie!!!

:alert: ANNOUNCEMENTS :alert: :
1. 05-16-24 legion day 0515 at Hampton Park, Qs will be the Legionnaires of years past
2. 05-18-24 dawnstrike 10 year anniversary Quaker on the Q
3. 05-27-24 the_bull 1 hour edition convergence
4. 05-31-24 last day of Merkin May! Somebody help Bemis out!
– Prayers for peace and recovery of our brothers and sisters in Brazil during this season of historic flooding.

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