• When: 08/19/15
  • QIC: Beacon
  • The PAX: Kenny G, Heist, Improv, Pipeline, Pondo, Holy Poker, Wingback, Co-pay, Ziffel, Beacon

Rare Hump Day Hampton Hill Work

Still recovering from the Hee Haw Half on Saturday, hill day was skipped by Stumble on Monday.  Given that YHC has the honor of leading the Stumble BRR team, hill day was bound to find it’s way back into this week’s schedule.  So, 10 PAX crawled out into the gloomy darkenss at 0515 for some rare hump day hill action.

Conditions:  Hot and humid after a rainy evening

The Thang:

Mosey to bottom of Montague by way of Olde Knight, R Chamblee, L Queens Way, R Old Woodlands, L Garners Ferry.  Huddle up at Montague

Hill 1: Run up Montague, R on Wetherill to top at Hampton Hill.  Huddle at top and cheer on the 6.

Hill 2: Run down Wetherill to Wildcat and back up to top at Hampton Hill.  Huddle at top and cheer on the 6.

Hill 3: Run down Hampton Hill, L Kilbourne to Fort Jackson Blvd.  Turn around with race pace to Hampton Hill and 90% effort up Hampton Hill to Wetherill intersection.  Huddle at top and cheer on the 6.

Hill 4: Run to bottom of Hampton Hill and Garners Ferry intersection.  L on Garners Ferry with a sprint to the light at the top of the hill.  Huddle up and cheer on the 6.

Mosey back to AO by way of Queens Way, Chamblee, Olde Knight

Grab a water and circle up for 3 min AMRAP squats

COT/BOM: Beacon


Kettlebell Convergence 8/28..see preblast for details

Woodshed Convergence 8/29..see preblast for details


This was tough.  A total of 4.5 miles of hill work was put in and the paces were off the charts.  Many 8:00 to 8:30 pace numbers and there were some steep climbs.  YHC’s hamstrings haven’t been this sore after a run….ever.  Solid work men and T claps to those men not running the BRR who have endured some nasty hill training these last few months.



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