• When: 8/20/15
  • QIC: Silver Bullet and Pondo
  • The PAX: HeeHaw, Bone Saw, Improv, Teddy, OnRamp, CheeseSteak, FroYo, Grilz, Heist, PipeLine, Pie, Crack, Jar Jar, Chewy, Pampers, Bubs, FNG Bucket Truck (formerly Kilowatt), BackHoe, Meltdown, LoveSeat, Wiki, PaperCut, HolyPoker, LowDot, HappyTrees, Silver Bullet Pondo,

The First Axe – Woodshed’s Monthly Fitness Test

27 Brave Pax threw off the fart sack and responded to the call to #GetBetter and #BeBetter and help lift #F3Columbia to over 150 pax posting for 8/20.  As is often the case, the Woodshed Pax lead the way with another day of the highest numbers in Columbia.  Well done men.  Our beloved HeeHaw has now taken the reins as the 1st F Q for Columbia and has encouraged all AO’s to have their own AO-specific, recurring fitness test.  SilverBullet and YHC humbly submitted The Axe as the Woodshed’s answer.  As a side note, early reports indicate that only Legion, Woodshed and IronYard have answered this challenge, all of which, are led by AOQ’s from the Shed.  #WeBuildLeaders.  SilverBullet designed a smashing championship belt for the monthly winner with American Flag stripes and an image of an axe inside a pie hole.  Yes, a pie hole.  TClaps to SB for his artistry and craftsmanship, which makes winning The Axe even more exciting.  SB also had a special sledgehammer just for HeeHaw.  All the other pax used a man-sized sledge, but HeeHaw was given the mini-sledge, complete with a picture of his name-sake. Check out the pics on Twitter.  Not sure how to post them here.

Conditions: Humid and mid 70’s.

The Thang:  YHC provided the explanation to the pax for The Axe.  The course is shaped like an Axe and YHC thinks it works well with the Woodshed theme.  Also, YHC couldn’t think of anything better.  The course has 6 stations.  Pax were to complete as many laps as possible in 30 minutes and report completed laps and completed stations for unfinished laps at COT.  YHC will (once he figures out how to use googledocs) track the laps/stations for each pax so progress can be measured month to month.

Station 1 at the play ground- squats x 25 (unless you are YHC who had #MerkinsOnTheMInd).  Run to Station 2: pull ups/negatives x 5.  Run to Station 3: BB Situps x 25.  Run to Station 4: One clockwise lap around the Circus Maximus.  Run to Station 5: Sledge Hammer Blows on Tire x 10 each arm.  Run back to the start line for Station 6: Merkins x 25.  Immediately go into squats x 25 at Station 1. AMRAP for 30 Minutes

And the winner of the Championship Belt is:  HeeHaw with 7 laps and 2 stations.  He proudly posed with the Championship Belt and the HeeHaw Mini-sledge for some great photo opportunities, which most certainly will help improve our image.

Results will be placed in a fancy spreadsheet and posted later.  Here’s the quick and dirty lowtech version: (Completed Laps.Completed Stations)

SilverBullet 5.3,  Bonesaw 4.4, Improv 5.2, Teddy 4.1, OnRamp 4.5, CheeseSteak 4.2, FroYo 5.2, Grillz 5.0, Heist 5.4, PipeLine 4.5, Pie 4.5, Crack 4.3, JarJar 6.0, Chewy 4.3, Pampers 3.4, Bubs 5.4, Bucket Truck 4.3, Backhoe 4.3, Meltdown 6.3, LoveSeat 4.2, Wiki 4.4, PaperCut 5.1, HolyPoker 5.2, LowDot  5.1, HappyTrees 4.4, Pondo 6.3.

COT and BOM by Pondo

Moleskin: The Woodshed Pax were tested today and did well.  Good effort and great attitude.  We will continue to focus on form and getting better.  Major TClaps to SilverBullet for his leadership in getting The Axe ready for show time.  Congratulations to HeeHaw and his mini-sledge on winning the first running of The Axe.  Though there were many calls to dock him a half lap or put an * beside his laps due to the fact the other pax used man-sized sledge hammers, YHC will let this controversy brew to motivate pax for next month when HeeHaw must defend the Championship Belt.

Devo by Pondo: Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens Iron as one man sharpens another.  Ecclesiasticus 2:5 Men and gold are alike in that neither is acceptable until tested.  We are all tested in life.  How we deal with success and failure is what counts.  F3 pax are dependable because we are tested and sharpen each other daily.

Announcements: In the proud tradition of The Woodshed, Heist has stepped up to show his leadership as the Mudrun Q for all of F3nation for the Oct. 24 race.  Contact him about sign ups and read his awesome pre-blast on the website.  IronYard and Anchor have their KettleKonvergence 2.0 on Friday 8/28 at 5:15 at Canal Park with coffeteria to follow.  Woodshed 1 year anniversary convergence workout at the Shed 8/29 starting at 6:00 with DawnStrike and Tank Tops, The Wall runs at 6:00 from the Shed.  SCORE starts at 7:00 and BootCamp starts at 7:00.  This is a big deal.  Invite all pax you see from other AO’s.


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