• When: 8/20/15
  • QIC: Shade Tree
  • The PAX: Twinkle toes, Co-pay, Wing back, Minion, Kenny G, Serena

The tour of Legion

Conditions – humid, humid, humid

The thang – This YHC decided we would take a tour of Legion today, to all the areas that we get punished at weekly! This will be a quick trip to each part of the park doing two exercises, more or less, at each part of the park. So we mosey and start off at the baseball field circle up and do some warm-up exercises to try to get some of the soreness out of our muscles from Tuesday – thanks Splinter!

22- SSH ic

22- MC ic

22- Carolina DD ic

22- BAC – 11 forward/backward

we head to home plate, do 10 Burpee’s – sprint to right field do 20 big boy sit ups,karaoke to centerfield do 20 Hand release Murkins, karaoke opposite side to left field and do 30 crunches – backwards sprint back to home plate and do 10 Burpee’s.

Mosey it to the tennis courts And partner up, one partner holds balls to the wall( try to do overhead press) while other partner bear crawls to the other side of the court and back – rotate with partner.  Next up is the same, but crabwalk instead. We then line up for one trip across the court doing the super inchworm.

The next stop on the tour is the general – right outside of the tennis courts. We lineup at the bottom of the hill- do 10 Hand release Murkins, sprint to the top of the hill, five Burpee’s, then sprint back down.

Next up, is the basketball court – we mosey through the dark, dark trail- no one was smart enough to bring a headlamp! Regardless, we all make it to the basketball court, and pick up some pavers. Where we did the famous paver suicides- if you been to Legion, more than likely you done at sometime or another.  we did two rounds of the suicides.

Of course, a Parks is not a park without a playground, so we carried the pavers to the playground area– And Legion wouldn’t be Legion without man makers! So, we Amrap pull ups and man makers (x2 )then do a Oyo Burn out set of dips – 25.

Put pavers back where we got them-

Headed to the front of the park, we take a quick detour on our mosey  to check out the entrance to the parks sign-after all, it is a tour you know!  Once at the front of the park, I think everybody realize where we were headed- to the concrete bleachers.  Since everyone knew what was in store- I had to #please the crown. We jump to the top of the bleachers due 2 murkins on the way down/one hand up one hand down – on each side, on each seat/bleacher.


Tclaps to splinter again, since our abs didn’t hurt as much as the rest of our body, after Tuesday’s out, I figured we go and try to finish them off. We jump to the top of the bleachers, did five in and out on each seat/step on the way down.


I must have been delirious by that point – I missed one of the most important Hills at Legion, the captain! Instead we went to the baseball field and ran the Legion diamond 1more round – five Burpee’s at Homeplate sprint to right field 30 crunches, karaoke to center – 20 big boy sit ups, karaoke other way to left field and 30 more crunches then backwards run back to home plate.

Done– Everybody’s done I think– Especially the guys that went to stumble yesterday and ran the hills!

Great work today guys!


– “Spur” launch at USC 8/22 http://f3nation.com/2015/08/17/f3-spur-launch-at-usc/

– 8/29 Woodshed Convergence 7am
– 8/29 Stomp The Swamp 5k at River Bluff HS (USATF Certified Course)



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