• When: 8/20/15
  • QIC: Stretch
  • The PAX: Stretch, Big Time, Odyssey, Cousteau, Sister wife, prenup, FOG, OBC, Decay, Retread, SLED, Pele, Gilligan, Boris

14! You read it right, 14 at Score!

I have to confess, two years ago when I injured (actually fractured a bone in my foot) I thought what the heck am I going to do, then SCORE started. My first reaction was this will be the weak pax members workout, man was I wrong. For three months, until Woodshed started (less than a mile from my house) I worked out at SCORE. For those who think this is just a workout for those who are injured are sorely misled. Running is a break from the exercises, but SCORE is non stop. So today I tried to live up to the standard that SLED and BIG TIME have continued with in regards to the legacy. As always, I may have left some stuff out.

Condition: Not Raining

The Thang:
15 reps at 4 count for all exercises
Butt kicks
Little then big arms circles fwd, then reverse
Ski Man

Reverse lunges in parking to 2nd island
Plank until everyone finishes
Forward lunge to last island in the parking lot
Flutter kicks when done

Peoples chair x 1-2 minutes w/shoulder press x 20 4 count
Balls to the wall x 1 minute w/walking out hands x 3 x 5 reps
Peoples chair x 1-2 minutes at 90 degrees
Wall merkins x 10 4 count, then move down and perform same x 10 4 count

Step ups using benches x 40, air squat when done
moving merkins to the R and then to the L 1/2 the parking lot width
Boat canoe x 10 reps at 5 seconds each

mozy to chutes
group 1 perform bear crawl under hanging foot ball contraption until group 2 finished 20 reps of each: dips, rows, decline merkins
Losing group performs 15 burpees, winning group 10 burpees

Head to tennis courts
Single leg squats x 15 4 count
switch legs
calf raises x 15 slow count x 4 count
Head to parking lot

Red Rover Red Rover
2 groups with each group tossing an exercise to the other group. The following were performed: merkins, carolina dry dock, big boy sit-ups, SSH, plank jacks, etc.

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