• When: 9/24/15
  • QIC: BigTime
  • The PAX: Spool, Cousteau, OBC, Fountainhead, Pele, Dean Wormer (Respect), Re-Tread (Respect), Prenup, BigTime, Snap-on

Q-101 Comes to Score

10 men resisted the Fartsack and a light mist for the Score installment of Q-101. Here’s what happened:

Leave Shovel Flag and Head over to Back Parking Lot

One half lap around back lot, circle up for COP:

[During this Mosey the pax were reminded that the Q’s job is to have a plan that all the pax can do, and to keep the pax together.]

Disclaimer and Review of how to Plan a workout – Focus on Structure and how the Q should be prepared for the Days workout

Introduction to Q-101

Before we got things rolling, YHC took some time to really talk about what Q-101 is and why we are going it. This was my first shot at doing a Q-101 so things were a little Bumpy but we got through the material and had a great workout as well. Hope the pax agree. Specifically, we went over “How to call an Exercise” and “How to Count.” We also covered command voice, attention to detail, and engaging the pax. (Thanks to Fountainhead, Cousteau and Pele for stepping up to help make points while YHC was leading the workout portion.)

The Thang:


Side Straddle Hops (SSH) x 25, In Cadence (IC) 4 CT
Imperial Walkers x 20, IC 4 CT
Arm Circles – Forward/Back/ Raise the Roof/ Clap – X25 IC 4 Ct – without dropping
Squats x 20, IC 4 CT

[During this COP the pax were reminded on the importance of Cadence. That Cadence has to match the movement, and that each exercise has its own Cadence. Also had to interject a few “demonstrations,” which is also part of the Q’s job.]

Mosey to Field for Partner Sets

100 Merkins (P1 does 10 Merkins, while P2 holds high plank; flip-flop; rinse and repeat until group reaches 100)
Hold High Plank until all groups finish.

100 Little Baby Crunches (LBCs) (P1 does 10 LBCs, while P2 holds 6 inches; flip-flop; rinse and repeat until group reaches 100)
Hold 6 inches until all groups finish

100 Squats (P1 does 10 Squats, then P2 does 10 Squats; flip-flop; rinse and repeat until group reaches 100)
Hold Air Chair until all groups finish

[During this section we focused on the importance of clear instructions. You may have a great idea, but you have to be able to clearly communicate that to the pax if you want them to do it. Also, the pax were reminded on the importance of holding each other accountable, while also encouraging each other.]

Mosey to the Back Field, and line up for…

The BEAST: plus an added 5 Cone – This was a new exercise for YHC and Score and didn’t get the point of 6 Stops of 6 reps with 6 exercises – But who’s gonna complain for doing more work.  (Thanks Fountainhead for the knowledge)

5 Cones, each 20 yards apart in a line. Start at first cone, sprint to second and do 6 reps, then to third and do 6 reps, then to fourth and do 6 reps, back to third for 6 reps, back to second for 6 reps, back to start line and complete 6 reps. Hold Plank until all finish.


[The plan was to do the entire BEAST, which is 6 exercises, performing 6 reps at 6 stops. However, due to time constraints, the plan had to be altered and we only got through 3 called exercises. This situation gave a great opportunity to remind the pax that, as the Q, you have to make decisions about time management. You cannot be afraid to change your plan if it isn’t fitting the time allotted for the workout.]

Circle up and allow each Pax to Call an exercise and lead using cadence:

We had a mix bag of those who have led many times and those who were new to the game.  Everyone did great and with practice we will all get better together

The pax were reminded that we should always be getting better each time we lead, just like everything we put our time and effort to in life. “If you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse.”

Final 3-4 minutes was spent recapping the lessons and going over the major points before we met back up with Brickpile for COT



BOM – TwoBuck



This was the first time leading something like this for YHC.  It was a great experience for me and I hope that the Pax really got something out of it.  Thanks again to the guys who stepped up to make great points.  As a Group, Score is really transforming into a very unique workout.  We have a very close nit core group but always get to welcome outsiders.  If you haven’t given Score a try please do we would love to have you Join or Guest Q if you think you are up to it.


– #Blitz launches 9/29. 5:45-6:15 at Memorial Stadium in Rosewood. EH your Rosewood friends. Cornstache is AOQ.

– MudRun sign ups continue. Sign up now, form your team later. Just sign up. You can do it HERE

– P200 prices increase at the end of the month. The P200 is a great opportunity for those who would like to be a part of a relay team. It’s also a great opportunity for relay veterans to ramp it up a knotch and do something crazy like an ultra team #choosetheharderthing. Beacon is the F3 Columbia Event Q. Check out the Pre-Blast HERE

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