• When: 09/24/15
  • QIC: Dealer's Choice
  • The PAX: Polo, Nelly, Krusty, Snowbird, Choo-choo, Stent, Sheets, Mulch, Spread, Secondhand, Korn with a K, Cornstache, Strom, Michelle, and Plea

Ace on the River with Dealer’s Choice at SF

15 pax came to Swampfox with a different workout in store. Dealer’s Choice has been a popular W/O at Hammer, and after having discussions with Splinter, I thought SF would enjoy it too. All expectations were exceeded. New guys got to lead- And they brought their best out for their five minutes of fame. This will be a great stepping block for these guys to lead future workouts at SF. Yes- you will be on the Q rotation after our Q101 School on 10/22. Other AO’s- I highly suggest it.

Conditions- 65 and slight drizzle. Also known as perfect since the football field was dry

The Thang:
Polo- Warmup
Imperial Walkers 10X IC
High Knees 15X IC
Burpees 15 OYO

Run to the gloom of football field and get blocks
30 Block Merkins- plank while wait on six.
30 Goblin Squats- air chair while wait
30 OH presses- Cusak while wait
30 BB Situps- 6 inches while wait

Rinse and Repeat with reps of 20

Lineup on Goaline- 10 catcher squats and sprint 120 yards. 9 catcher squats and sprint 120 yards…you get the idea.
Down to 1 catcher squat.

Total 55 Catcher Squats 1200 yards of sprinting

Snowbird- great audible because he planned on sprints.
Grab Blocks- lunge walk 40 yards with block. 20 curls when done.
Crab Walk 40 yards. BB Situps while waiting on six.
Sprint up HHill and merkins while waiting on six.
Back to blocks. 20 curls and lunge walk 40 yards with blocks

20 Russian Twists
10 VUps
10 OH presses
10 Curls
15 squats
Rinse and Repeat

20X IC Bench Press
Cusak 80 yards
10X IC Bench Press
Cusak 80 yards
(this was a killer)

BB Situps 30X IC
Run to Hamburger Hill. Run to top 5 Burpees, down 5 burpees
Rinse and Repeat with Merkins
Run up Hill back to COT

COT led by Polo
BOM led by Korn with a K
Devotion led by Secondhand

Announcements- The Blitz starts on Tuesday. Support Cornstache and this Rosewood AO
Q School 101 at Swampfox on 10/22.
The Quarterly workout at SF starts on Thursday, 10/1. The Triangle Debuts. Great Mudrun Prep

Moleskin- Really happy how today went. I am hurting right now. Guys did a great job bringing it.
Great having Cornstache visit.

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