• When: 09/22/2015
  • QIC: Okra
  • The PAX: Splinter, Chaser, Myrtle, BooBoo, Turtle, Garnish, Collar, Chopshop, Misfire, RA

Okra Wields The Hammer

Okra brought the pain this morning at Hammer to nobody’s surprise. It was a kick-your-own-tail style workout characterized by some pretty daunting single rounds repeated multiple times over 10 minutes each. If this workout was easy for you it was your own fault. But, by all accounts the Hammer Pax pushed hard like they always do.

The Thang
Mtn Climbers 10 IC
Merkins 10 IC
X2 staying in plank

Slow Count Catcher Squats 15

Get Cinder Blocks

Cusack to Playground
10 minute AMRAP
21 Dips
15 Block Squats
9 Pull-ups

Take Blocks to Tennis Courts
10 minute AMRAP
5 Burpees
10 OH Block Press
15 Diamond Merkins
Run to 2nd court and back 8 times (4 down-n-backs)

10 minute AMRAP
15 Block Swings
20 Block Merkins
25 Block Curls
Run to far end, switching fwd/bwd run at each of the 4 courts
Lateral puddle jump back alt. legs at each court

Put up Blocks

Splinter: 15 B-ups IC
Chaser: 50 flutter kicks IC
Okra: Plank Circuit

Back to COT
BOM: Okra

– Always good to have Okra around at Hammer. He fits right in with those crazies. One of the few people YHC can think of who does not have the ability to workout with F3 on a regular basis because of work/proximity but can fit right into a tough F3 morning with any group. Great job putting together some tough work for Hammer.

– Sign up for the Mud Run for F3 or Myrtle will be really really disappointed in you.

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