• When: 09/03/2015
  • QIC: Binary
  • The PAX: Hot Tub, Hatter, Aqua Man, Hamm, Meso, Honey Do, Temple Boy, Two Gloves, Binary, SDR, Sorensen

Ladders – What goes up, must come down

11 PAX came out to the Sandlot gloom to get stronger and withstand the humidity facing us at the Sandlot.  Binary was on the Q and is continuing to fight his #kottersyndrome of adjusting to life and sleep with 2.0 and 2.1.  He arrived just in time for the start time and got the PAX moving to get climbing.

Conditions: 70s and muggy


The Thang:

Mosey around Soccer fields to the back corner


SSH – 10 IC

Ab Series – Flutter Kicks/Russian Twists/V ups – 20 OYO

Squats – Hold squat position for 20 count IC – 10 OYO

2 sets of the Ab Series and Squats

Partner up for Ladder Merkins Combined reps at each corner (20, 40, 60, 80)

Sprint length of field – 20 merkins

Karoke width – 40 merks

Sprint – 60 merks

Karoke – 80 merks

Calf raises until six arrives

Work Down the Ladder, reps combined with partner

Frog Hop with partner width – 80 Big Boys

Backwards Run – 60 Big Boys

Frog Hop – 40 Big Boys

Backwards run – 20 Big Boys

Mosey to Tennis Courts  Set 1  – Carolina Dry Docks Set 2 – Hello Dollies

Lunge Walk double courts – 5 Dry Docks

Bear Crawl Court – 10 Dry Docks

Lunge Walk – 15 Dry Docks

Bear Crawl – 20 Dry Docks

Set 2

Crab walk length of court – 20 Hello Dollies

Frog Hop double court – 15 Hello Dollies

Crab Walk – 10 Hello Dollies

Frog Hop – 5 Hello Dollies

Mosey to Playground

Ladder Set Pull-ups/Box Jumps/Dips

2 reps each exercise. Move up by 2 reps up to 10 reps of each exercise.

COT – Binary

BOM – Binary

Binary shared the story of Gideon who was a man of faith mentioned in Hebrews as he trusted God to lead the Israelites with only 300 men to beat the Midianites.  What also needed to be emphasized with this story is that after the victory gave the glory to God but also asked for a portion of the spoils.  After this Gideon did not pass on the faith in God to his sons and Israel faced another time of hardship.  What we have to learn is that in the midst of trials we need to call on God and submit to Him and when God answers our prayers and leads us through the trial, we need to remain in him and give Him the glory.  We cannot ask for His help and then when He answers our prayers, we can’t then take the credit.  This trust in the Father is what we must pass on to future generations.

Great push by the PAX and the Q definitely showed signs of #fartsack in his falling off at the end.  Thanks to all the PAX for pushing and encouraging each other through the workout.


MudRun deadline – MudRun is next Month.  If you want to be a part of the fun, you’ve got to get your payment in ASAP.

Prayer Requests:

HotTub’s Neighbors as this family deals with the loss of a father and having a Mom raising a teenager or other child on her own.

Honey Do – Dad’s health.  Pray for healing and comfort for the family as his Dad’s health declines.

Temple Boy –

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