• When: 08/13/15
  • QIC: Windmill
  • The PAX: Windmill, Cutler, Hustler, Flea, Blue Grass, Mission, JB, Moon River, Half Time, Pink Eye, Fang, Cheesy, Roscoe, Woody, Spanky, Double Rub, Nap, and a few other dudes that I will add as soon as I get a message from Cheesy's iPhone.

In The Loop

Twenty-one men came out this morning to enjoy some cooler, drier weather – and a few loops around the mother ship of Dreher High School. As Hustler, Flea and JB reminded us, any day is a great day for a sleeveless T. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion.

Conditions: Nice – not disgusting, you didn’t feel like your shorts were a pair of Depends when it was over

The Thang:

Warm up in the parking lot:

SSH x 30

Squat x 25

Merkin x 15

Plank jack x 20


We next ran a loop around Dreher, consisting of:


At the brickpile, 40 curls.


Run to the grassy knoll in front of Dreher – 40 BBS’s


Run to the Hollywood Squares – 40 Dips


Run to the far edge of the field near Shandon Methodist – 40 supermans


Run to the upper end of the field – 40 merkins


Run to the teachers parking lot – 40 monkey humpers


Run back to the Brickpile and rinse and repeat decreasing each exercise by 10, so 30, 20, and then 10.


Back to the Brickpile for the close out:


Squats with blocks x 25


Overhead press x 15


LBC’s x 25


Freddy Mercury’s x 25

Close out with BOM and COT

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