• When: 07/25/15
  • QIC: Kenny G
  • The PAX: Stretch, Backhoe, Shade Tree, Silverbullet, Rest Stop, Minion, Love Seat, Co Pay, Happy Trees, Meltdown, Odyssey, Squints, Improv, Kenny G

Ignorance is bliss…

14 PAX posted this morning at the Woodshed for a session of smooth jazz with KG. YHC asked Stretch if he would serve as a Co-Q today to give the #Woodshed PAX a free preview of the Silent F Form School which would follow our workout. What did we learn…good form is hard. We all need to get out of the “ignorance is bliss” mentality and focus on our form! Even though this may force us to back off on reps at first, and slow down our cadence (my favorite), it will benefit our bodies much better in the long run. With proper form, we will work the exercise’s intended muscle groups properly, and reduce the risk of injury. If you missed Stretch’s session today, check out the videos he has posted on Twitter @TyerKevin. Be on the lookout for possible future installments of Forms School.

Back to today’s #Woodshed workout…The Thang:

COP (alternating with Stretch, YHC did the easier exercises, with Stretch leading the exercises he’d be focusing on at Form School…not exactly sure of the order and reps). Disclaimer given.

SSH IC X 30 (not too slow this time)

Squats IC X 15

Imperial Walkers IC X 30

Merkins IC X 10

LAC Forward IC X 15, LAC Backward IC X 15, Overhead Press IC X 15, Overhead Clap IC X 15

Flutter Kicks IC X 15

Lunges IC X 20

ARK LOADER WITH EXERCISE. Line up at playground facing the school.                                 – Bear Crawl/Carolina Dry Dock – Start with 5  CDD, Bear crawl half way to school, 5 CDD, bear crawl to school, 5 CDD, sprint back down to playground, hold plank till 6 returns
– Duck Walk/Squats – same as above with duck walk and squats, hold air chair until 6 returns
– Crab Walk/LBCs – same, hold 6 inches waiting for 6
– Broad Jump/Burpees – same, recover when finished                                                                           – Pick 2 from above (no exercise), do first choice up to the school, 2nd choice back down. Recover.

Count-off into 1s and 2s, mosey to the Silverbullet Speedway (car loop beside school) for a round of NASCAR. Stole this from my visit to #Jumanji earlier in the summer. Seeing as how YHC is a Darlington native, I had to bring it back to #Woodshed. One person in group is the car, he calls up an exercise and then races around the track. Rest of the group is pit crew, they do the called exercise AMRAP until car returns. Upon return there is a pit stop, car holds plank while the crew does 10 merkins. Rinse and repeat until everyone has called up an exercise and raced around the track. Losing team did 10 burpees (winning team penalized 5 burpess for excessive trash talking). For the record, YHC blames our loss on the outside starting position.

Indian run around the loop (with a shortcut), down Old Knight to the lower playground. Brief Stretch demo/explanation of proper pull-ups (and negatives) and dips. Round 1, P1 does lap around the dirt track while P2 does max out pull-ups with proper form. Once maxed out, continue with negatives until P2 returns. Point being that proper form negatives are more beneficial than more reps of poor form pull-ups. Flapjack.                                                                                                                           Round 2, P1 does lap while P2 does 10 reps dips and 10 reps squats. Rinse & Repeat until P1 returns. Flapjack.

Mosey back to grassy area beside parking lot for short but intense 4 minutes of Mary. Did the following exercises IC: flutter kicks, LBCs, Freddie Mercurys, Russian Twists, Boat/Canoes. Exact number of reps for each exercise unknown due to grumbling from PAX. Goal for this edition of Mary was to not let feet touch the ground, even when switching between exercises. #crowdpleaser.


COT/BOM: Kenny G


Little mountain half is 8/15. Great opportunity for BRR folks to get some training in.

Prayer request for Bubs, brain scans on Monday.

Devo: Galations 5:22-23 Fruits of the Spirit. We grit out teeth, set goals, and work our tails off at F3 workouts to make ourselves better physically. However, the Fruits of the Spirit are available simply by surrendering to Christ. Take a step back, give God control, and allow the changes to happen naturally as He works on us from the inside out.

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