• When: 07/25/15
  • QIC: Papa Smurf - a student in the Oliver Gospel Mission program-the program that allows participation in F3 as long as goals are being met within the OGM.
  • The PAX: Pit Fall, The Flash, Change, Cousteau, FNG A1 (the steak sauce), Noonan, Serena, Sparks, Tom Cat, Mulligan, FNG ChopChop, Stones, Papa Smurf.

The Three F’s were Present in Full Force at The Mission

Thirteen got F3 at it’s best this AM at the well used and worth-every- penny- spent- on- it Finley Park. Did the park’s founding fathers envision men from different walks bustin their cans as they Bear Crawled the amphitheater, and climb the seven block walls in the July heat or grown men pull upping on the playground equipment while a mom and her kids laugh? Did they figure on that same group of sweat hogs encouraging each other as they did something called Incline Merkins – really? Incline Merkins? Did they say “Let’s get this park built” so a bunch of grown turkeys can circle the flag with names like The Flash and Daisy and Papa Smurf and lift prayers and thanksgiving to the Creator? F3 at it’s best at Finley Park every Saturday at 0830.

MOLESKIN – This Boot Camp was planned and led by Papa Smurf, a very successful Oliver Gospel Mission program student. A hard working, determined gent who loves F3.  He showed solid leadership and was followed with good respect.  I don’t know if he gets such leadership opportunities Sun-Fri.  But he thanked F3 in the COT for the chance.  No doubt he will Q many more times-and then graduate from the OGM program-and I would bet find an AO.

Conditions 80⁰, Humidity up there but the Pax is getting used to it.

Disclaimer Papa Smurf, a OGM program participate Q’ed and issued the Disclaimer.

The Thang

COP 10 exercises IC 4 Ct SSH, Merks, Squats, LBAC F/R, Raise tha Roof, Thur Tunnel, Ground Thumpers, OHAClaps, Butt Kicks, High Knees

Mosey to Amphitheater OYO
Bear Crawl each level to top w 5 Incline Merks @ Each Level. Mosey down stopping each level for 1 Dip w 5 Dips last level. RR. Plank O Rama on Six each set up.

Mosey to Playground OYO In Teams of Three Count Off
Group 1 Ten Pull Ups, Group 2 CDDs, Group 3 BBCs where Pulls Ups are Counters and rotate through each exercise. Planking on Six.

Mosey to Bottom Lower Wall OYO
Climb each of seven walls with 10 Squats per level. Mosey Down. RR with 5 Squats. Papa Smurf issued a needed disclaimer for the top wall and it’s narrow footing for it’s rail. The Pax did great and we had someone with each Six.

Mosey to Shovel Flag
Time was about spent but Papa Smurf fit in one round of Flutters IC 4CT.

Count/Name O Rama with 2 FNG’s- A1 he’s a butcher. Chop Chop-he’s been a butcher. Some other names were mentioned-use your imagination- but PAX settled on names more fitting for every day use.

Circle of Thanks and Prayer Requests where PAX and other OGM who don’t do Boot Camp have a chance to talk and share. This is unique to The Mission and pulls this group together well.  Often today a point was made that the PAX were going to hold one another accountable as various men described their challenges and their temptations.

Papa Smurf asked Big Apple-a PAX who is on the DL, to pray-and pray he did. For the homeless, those in the hospital, those who need care and aren’t getting it, for F3 and the Oliver Gospel Mission.

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