• When: 07/28/15
  • QIC: Turtle
  • The PAX: Garnish, Detour, Slum Dog, Hawg, Chop Shop, Collar, McNugget, Misfire, Myrtle, Duckie, RA

Hammer goes slow & low

As I stepped out of the door this morning I was immediately greeted with a not so refreshing wall of humidity.  After taking a deep breath of what felt like steam, I decided it would be best to pass on running and all other wind sucking activities…  That being said, we still put in work!

Conditions:  Hot & Humid

The Thang:

Circle up at COT

LB arm circles x 20 IC forward

LB arm circles x 20 IC backwards

Overhead clap x 20 IC

LB arm circles x 20 IC forward

LB arm circles x 20 IC backwards

Run to the wall for 1 minute of Balls on the wall

Circle up again at COT

20 Low Squats IC

10 Jump Squats OYO

20 Low Squats IC

Mosey to the field

Slow bear crawl across the width of the field towards the blocks

Everyone grabs a cinder block (Cusack) and heads over to the end zone near that playground

Next we did a ladder…

10 Knee ups OYO (on your back – start at 6″ & bring knees up to your chest – back to 6″)

15 Incline LBC’s (feet on black – butt off the ground – crunch up, touching your ankles)

We reduced the reps by one each time, going until we were at 5 knee ups & 10 LBC’s

Next up was a little AMRAPish type thing, but we all stayed together.  It may have gotten a little repetitive, but that was the point.

10 slow merkins on the Q’s count.  Not in cadence, but calling up/down.  We held for a second at the bottom each time

10 BB sit ups with the block on your chest OYO.  Should blades hit the ground and we went up slow (Chop Shop mentioned having a block on your chest made it easier to get your back on the ground)

5 dead hang pull ups.  We did the first 2 sets on the Q’s count.  After that we divided into 2 x 6 man teams because of space

We rinse & repeated that a total of 5 times.  Doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you slow the exercises down they’re much more effective

Next we grabbed the blocks and Cusacked it back towards their home.

There we circled up for some Russian twists with blocks.  We formed a tight circle (using only 6 blocks) and passed them around for 1 minute.

After that we started the timer over and passed them the opposite direction for one more minute.

With 3 minutes left we finished with:

10 block curls IC

10 OH press OYO

10 block curls IC


I definitely felt the effects today!  At no point was I fighting for breath, but I was definitely shaking towards the end.  Great work done by everyone.  Mumble chatter was low in the beginning but pick up towards the end.

BOM Lead by YHC


F3 Dads this Friday at Brickpile – 7:00

Hot Summers Night 5K followed by festivities at Promo’s house – This Saturday night

Little Mountain Half Marathon is on 8/15


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