• When: 08/18/15
  • QIC: Fog
  • The PAX: Carpet Bagger, OBC, BIG TIME, PRENUP, COUSTEAU, BIG WORM, FNG- Scott Higgins...GILLIGAN, FNG- Hunter Straussburg...FUZZY BALLS

Glass house pain….aka MAN MAKER

9 braved a FOG-ganza 2 were FNG’ S.  Welcome Scott Higgins and Hunter Straussburg to Score.  Nothing like birth by fire.  FNG’ S got to witness the prenup shuffle to start. So, I had missed Monday’s workout worshipping the fartsack.  Therefore, I had to expel the sad clown seed which had one days growth.  It was an action packed workout with little rest. Plus, a couple of new exercises were added and embraced as truely sucking.  Good to see Carpet Bagger and great effort put in by Big Worm.


Conditions- 75 muggy threat of rain never happened

The Thang

25 SSH

15 merkins

20 overhead claps

20 arm circles forward and back (10 each way w palms up like saying stop)

15 overhead arm circles

15 raise the roof

15 cherry pickers

20 squats

20 LBC

20 flutter kicks

Get blocks from cage

20 curls for the girls

Parking lot

(2) 30 sec side/ side line hop

20 raise the roof

(2) 30 sec front/ back line hop

20 imperial walkers

Run length on parking lot and back

15 high knees

(7) 8 count man makers

20  chest press with blocks

20 bbsu in blocks

(7) 8 count man maker

Cusack half round parking lot

(7) 8 count man makers

Cusack to gym wall

15 dbl leg calf raises on blocks

Ppl’s chair while  doing 15 overhead claps

10/10 left and right leg calf raises single leg

Ppl’s chair while doing 15 raise the roof

Cusack other half of parking lot

Partner up

(2) 5 count inverted rows on dip bar (partner holds feet waist high, on back holding plank lift body up to bar)

Plank left arm up, right arm up

10 dips

Plank left leg up, right leg up

Curls for the girls to cage

(7)  8 count man makers

Big Time audible and new suck

Boat/ canoe using block



COT with Brickpile

Convergence at Woodshed August 29th 7am.

Hurricane hike September 19th pre blast is up

Bull on Fire Sept 7th

Sign up for the Mud Run



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