• When: 8/19/15
  • QIC: Stretch
  • The PAX: Stretch, Seeker, Pipes, Cheese Steak (FNG), Paper cut, Chewy, Spot, Happy Trees, Backdrat

Ironyard PPT

Today the Ironyard pax were introduced to the physical performance test consisting of 6 exercises (one of which we did not get to due to poor time management on my part). There was one FNG along with 8 additional pax members who were ready to test themselves. A very complicated formuala was contrived by yours truly to determine the overall score/points for each exercise as well as the total score. So here it is.

Condition: Perfect

The Thang:

All were 15 reps 4 count
High knees
Butt kicks
2 minutes of stretching whatever you want

A demon was shown for each exercise with emphasis on good form. Each pax member partnered and they were responsible for keeping number of “good” reps (poor form was not counted as a rep). The following exercises were performed for 2 minutes before switching. We ran out of time and didn’t get to the bell merkins. This a fluid list and will change with time.

Squat thrust with KB of pax choosing
Rows with bands (black, purple, or green)
Curls for girls KB of pax choosing
Overhead tricep extension KB of pax choosing
Low plank

The following are the results

Pax Plank Bicep Curls Rows (bands) Squat Thrust Overhead Tricep Bell Merkins Score
Seeker 120 112 49.5 10.5 30 Not completed 322
Pipes 85 92.5 110 24 60 Not completed 371.5
Stretch 120 142.5 114 55 125 Not completed 556.5
Chewy 120 116 116 36 80 Not completed 468
Happy Trees 120 156 122.5 41.6 61.5 Not completed 501.6
Cheese Steak 94 184.6 177.5 62.5 138 Not completed 656.6
Paper cut 104 190 200 50 147.5 Not completed 691.5
Backdraft 89 161.2 168 42 178 Not completed 638.2
Spot 120 156 175 52 104 Not completed 607

– August 28 convergence with Ironyard and Anchor at 5:15 at Canal park with coffeteria afterwards
– August 29 Columbia convergence at Woodshed at 7
– Life worth living study at Eastminster, contact Papercut for details
– Bull on fire 9/7 at 5:30 to honor firefighters of 9/11

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