• When: 08/26/15
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Tonto, Skirt, Improv, Pondo, Beacon, Holy Poker, Co-Pay, Drone (#kotters), Grillz, Pipeline

Flat Chimney Laps

Thanks to a calendar malfunction, YHC had planned on smartsacking this one out. Luckily, Serena is meticulous about checking up on Qs the night before. Also luckily, YHC’s been carrying a speed-work plan around in his back pocket for awhile now (boy that thing has gotten sweaty).

The Thang:

  • Easy pace: Olde Knight > Old Woodlands > Hampton Trace > Chimney Hill
  • Stop at the corner of Chimney Hill & Flat Chimney Loop (1.1 miles)
  • Execute Flat Chimney Laps as follows:
    • Run down to the next corner (the other end of Flat Chimney Loop)
    • Hang a left (small-but-steep hill) and run around Flat Chimney Loop to the corner where you started (0.4 miles)
    • Repeat AMRAP alternating fast and slow laps until the Q says stop
    • If your name is Pondo, take an extra lap because you’re way out ahead
  • Easy pace back up Chimney Hill and Old Woodlands to base


BOM led by Pipeline

Stretching led by Holy Poker (in addition to his #TrafficCop and #Locavore duties he makes a decent #PT)


  • Don’t let the name fool you, Flat Chimney Laps are not flat. Turn 1 features a dip followed by a hill that can trip up unsuspecting runners. However, everyone was #StumbleProof today.
  • The pax exceeded expectations by completing 4 fast laps and 3 slow laps. Together with the 1.1 mile trip from and to the AO, that made 5 miles on the nose.
  • The longer track made for a different kind of speed challenge: too long to go all-out sprint, but short enough for some pax to set speed PRs. Check out the Strava segment for details.


  • IronYard/Anchor Convergence this Friday, August 28th at Riverfront Park at the Canal. Check with Stretch for details.
  • F3 Columbia Convergence this Saturday, August 29th at Woodshed. YHC has the Dawn Strike Q at 0600. The Wall departs at 0600 as well. The main event starts at 0700 with a committee of Woodshed pax on the Q. The men of The Mission will also be attending, which is a Really Big Deal. Show up a few minutes early and follow the parking instructions.
  • Costanza needs HCs for the Kiawah half or full by the end of the week in order to secure a nice F3 discount. If you aren’t running the BRR, this option should be slightly flatter and the accommodations will definitely be nicer.
  • The Bull on FIRE! In honor of September 11th, Backdraft & Spot have something special planned for the Monday beforehand (9/7/15 – Labor Day). The #ConcreteBeast will be taken over by the men of our fire department simulating what our brave men do on a daily basis going up and down stair towers in full fire gear. You won’t want to miss this.
  • The fall Mud Run is coming up fast. Get your teams together if you haven’t already. Heist is your event Q (#WoodshedBuildsLeaders).

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