• When: 08/25/15
  • QIC: DriveBy
  • The PAX: Woody, Logo, Windmill, Heartbreaker, TwoBuck, DriveBy, Cheesy, Grilz, Noonan, Seeker, (11 more to follow, as recording died!)

A DriveBy Homecoming

21 Pax decided to #getbetterbebetter at the historic #Brickpile, which draws its name from the remnants of the original Dreher High School, established in the 1940s between the suburbs of Melrose Heights/Oak Lawn and Heathwood. While #historyiscool and I could go on, I’ll spare the lesson. This was a sort of homecoming for YHC; however, as he has been posting to #Ramble and #Thunder more frequently because of early morning 2.0s needs. It was great to see so many people missed from the other postings. Of course, YHC invited them to enjoy further First and Second F by posting to #Dawnstrike on Saturdays and not sleep their day away . . .

Conditions: 75, clear but humid, just enough thatch here and there with some sand thrown in were the grass refuses to grow where old houses once stood near the tennis courts.


The Thang:

Mosey around the school from the parking lot heading east. Circle the school and buzz the #Score pax making the most of a Gypsy-led beatdown. Bad move on the Q as YHC, despite keeping the group pretty tight lost a few on the six, who went a little farther, down Adger. They were in good hands, however, as the AOQ was in their midst showing good leadership. #Cobains on my oversight. Never leave a man or men.


20 Merkins OYO

20 Chaser LBCs OYO

Partner Up

20 Iron Cross OYO

Plank for the Six

Rinse and Repeat 3X with burpees mixed in beginning with 20 then going to 15, then 10

Placing blocks perpendicular to your body lie down on block face down. Find center of gravity, Grab shins or ankles and pull upward for a special “skydive” #crowdpleaser

Grab blocks, move to parking lot

20 Bench Press OYO

30 Curls IC

Partner Up with first Duck Walking from one island to the next while second flutter kicks (switch-up) being mindful of teachers coming in hot to the parking lot

Cussack to wall for the first in a round of people’s chairs that included free and block-options; alternating with decline plank with feet on wall; shake in on out and repeat

20 Chaser LBCs OYO

20 Iron Crosses OYO (switch)

Air chair for good measure

Time was up!


COT — Announcements including encouragement to HC for the Kiawah 1/2 and Full Marathon, scheduled for 12 December. Costanza is the QIC for the #CSAUP

BOM – Led by YHC

Devotional led by Seeker, pressed into service at the last minute. Inspired words sent us out into the community thereafter.

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