• When: 9/1/15
  • QIC: Windmill
  • The PAX: Cork, Retread, Windmill, Costeau, OBC, Snap on, Prenup, TNT, Fog, Dry Heave, Big Time

Finding the CORE in Score

After a goofy joint warm up with Brickpile, in which Noonan, Logo, and Two Buck came in and out of the COP as the Q – all during the side straddle hop – 11 men at Score got down to basics with an old school COP that was all about the core.

Conditions: 70’s, dry air, beautiful dawn sky, but a heavy dew on the grass

The Thang;

Warm Up COP with Brickpile:

SSH x 40

Merkins x 15

High knees x 25

Imperial Walker x 20

Squat x 20

LAC’s – forward and backward x 25; overhead clap x 25

Slowsy forward and backward to the Brickpile and get bricks and blocks

Form COP on the football field

Butt kicks x 20

Icebreaker x 25

LBC’s x 40

Leg Lifts x 15

Russian Twists x 20

Supermans x 20

Merkin x 15

Jump lunges x 20

Deadman crunch x 30

X-man x 20

Rows x 20

Alternating arm flutters x 30

Two count merkins x 10

Left leg – Little Leg Circles x 12/single leg butt kicks x 12


Right leg – Little Leg Circles x 12/single leg butt kicks x 12

Half Supermans – lower half x 15

Half Superman – upper half x 15

Low Country Crab x 10

Slowsy back to parking lot

Merkins – hold 10 count with chest an inch from the ground x 3




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