• When: 09/01/15
  • QIC: LeVar
  • The PAX: Mulch, Polo, Fountainhead, Spread, Second hand, Nelly, Stent, Furlough, Korn (with a K)

A little bit of everything

It is always tricky trying to figure out how to keep things varied and the guys engaged with new or different workouts. The usual question of “What haven’t we done in a while?” always pops up. Instead of trying to single out one thing, this time YHC decided why don’t we just do it all.

The Thang:
Warm up with 25 SSH IC and 10 burpees OYO

Head off campus for a little run around the neighborhood (about 1/2 mile) – Coker to Wofford to Winthrop, around the church and stop at the first corner for station 1.

Station 1: Repeat 3 times
– 20 catcher squats OYO
– 30 Lunges, 15 each leg
– 30 calf raises. Stay on your toes until everyone finishes

Move quickly to station 2 at the lunch tables

Station 2: Repeat 3 times (this one was a crowd pleaser)
– 20 merkins
– 15 incline merkins
– 15 decline merkins
– 20 dips. Originally the plan was to hold the dip when finished, but it was decided that was one of those “looks better on paper” kind of things

Move quickly to station 3 at the Tree of Life

Station 3: Repeat 3 times
– 30 V-ups
– 50 freddie Mercury’s
– 30 LBC’s. Hold 6″ when done

Head over to wall for air chair: 10 seconds each of both legs, right leg up, left leg up, back to both legs. Repeat twice

Move over to the courts for a little Snuggles memorial suicides. Repeat 3 times
Follow that with 45 seconds each of ski hops, both front/back and side to side

Back to COT for 2 fat minutes of plank-o-rama

Solid work by the PAX today. Welcome back to Second Hand, who after getting hit with little pneumonia, hung in there with all the cardio today.

Announcements: this coming Monday is the Bull on Fire. Don’t miss out on the Fire trucks, big hoses and a little bit of extra fun. Ramble will meet there instead of their normal Monday schedule. Mudrun sign up is up and running too.

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