• When: 09/01/15
  • QIC: CornStache
  • The PAX: CornStache, Holypoker, Heehaw, Pondo, Improv, Happy Trees, Staccato, OnRamp, Teddy, Cheese-stake, FroYo, Silver Bullet, Backhoe, Wiki, Drone, Stretch, Bugs, Odyssey, Tin Cup, Papercut, Shoop, Green tree, Llama, Bedbugs, Sad Saddle, Love Seat, Bone Saw.

Welcome to the #Prisonyard

27 pax rose from the #fartsack for a YHC lead Q at the Shed.  It had been a while since YHC had traveled over to woodlands park, and YHC was not disappointed by the welcoming he received.  The #Shed is a STRONG group, and they showed it.


THE THANG: Jog over the the shed, get out some cinderblocks.  Warmup:

  • SSH x 20 in cadence
  • Squats x 15 in cadence
  • Merkins x 10 in cadence
  • Mountain climbers x 20 in cadence

At this point YHC noticed the chatter, it was a little to happy in his opinion.

  • Deadlift/curl/overhead press with block x 15 in cadence.
  • Block burpees x 10 OYO
  • Front squats (Blocks held up in front by arms) x 15 in cadence
  • Overhead press x 20 in cadence
  • Big Boy situps x 25 OYO
  • Block burpees x 10 OYO
  • Front squats x 15 in cadence.
  • Overhead press x 20 in cadence
  • Big Boy situps x 25 OYO
  • Front squats x 10 in cadence.

YHC had a four station workout planned using the tractor tires.  Problem was that there was only 5 tires and 27 pax.  So we had to get a little crafty and do the four stations 5 times with some people skipping the tires, along with YHC and Pondo skipping the tires all together.  The stations:

  • Tire flips (awesome workout even though YHC didn’t get a chance)
  • squats/burpees 10 each
  • lunge walks with cinderblocks
  • tuck jumps/merkins 10 each.

Each station was done for approximately 3 mins (did 5 stations total).  Cleaned up, planked, jail broke.

COT and BOM by YHC.


  • YHC’s had his virgin Co-Q, and Q at the shed (not to mention his first oversleep Q). Both were done with the support and urging of the current shed AOQ Pondo.  Can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for YHC.  A true #HIM.
  • Not sure why, but this was one of the most fun Q’s i’ve had in a long time.  I always love coming back to the shed.
  • The space for the 4 stations was a little small, prompting improve to call it the jail-yard.  It was fitting.
  • Great turnout at the shed’s anniversary on Saturday.  Nice job by all involved.
  • Check out the spur.  The college youngsters need our support as well.

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  1. CornStache, you are a Beast! Great Q this am. Thank you for coming back to The Shed and for your kind words. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and running obstacle course races with you. You are welcome any time, my friend.

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