• When: 08/20/2015
  • QIC: FOG
  • The PAX: retread, OBC, Big Time

Dueces wild

conditions:  really really hot and humid.  79 ish

The Thang:

I was excited to rejoin my f3 brothers in the gloom.  I had been suffering from vacation bliss and was interested to see how much sad clown had creeped back to my life.  Therefore, I came up with a workout to get the heart rate up and continued to not allow much recovery.  Once again, proving Score is one of the best workouts to build strength with intensity and low recovery time.  I challenge you to come and see why,  “Real Men Score”  I would like to dedicate this workout to OBC for performing the only two runs the pax would see/ hear/ participate in. (term coming)   Additionally, great job by Retread on effort and Big Tiime for fighting through the pain.

Form points were emphasized throughout the workout heavily

20  10 regular/ big arm circles above head

10 little arm circles forward/back

10 big arm circles forward/back

20 high knees… bringing knees to chest (great form by the pax)

30 SSH

30 overhead claps

10 burpees

25 SSH

25 raise the roof

25 cherry pickers

20 SSH

30 sec line hop side to side

15 raise the roof

30 sec line hop front to back

15 overhead clap

30 sec line hop side to side

15 cherry pickers

30 sec line hop front to back

15 LBC

Burpee / dip ladder

5 burpees/ 1 dip, 4 burpees /2 dips, 3 burpees/ 3 dips…ect

OBC runs twice

get bricks from the cage

10 brick burpees

20 Logo arm arm raises with the brick.  arms in front arms out the the side

10 punch merkins with brick

20 worlds worst sit up

mosey to the wall

30 sec ppls chair rotate arms on side, front, overhead

20 dbl leg calf raises

10 single leg calf raises each leg

30 sec ppls chair rotating arms on side, front, overhead

20 iron crosses oyo

mosey to courtyard

lunge walk courtyard length / bear crawl back

20 bench dips working on form

15 wall merkins 5 regular, 5 diamond, 5 wide (feet together, body comes down to 45 degree angle and performs merkin emphasizing squeeze at top)

Lunge walk courtyard length/ bear crawl back

10 burpees


Score to have a once a month Saturday workout 8/25

8:15 woodshed to have form school to teach pax how to properly do exercises. 8/25



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