• When: 08/29/2015
  • QIC: Lamont and Stretch
  • The PAX: Lamont, Stretch, Sharknado, Loveseat, Wiki, Silver Bullet, Chewy, Booster, Beta Max, Heist, Backdraft, Shade Tree, Boris, Snake, House, Nails, Pondo, Happy Trees, Double Dribble, Harp, Slim Jim, G.E.D. (FNG - ET)

#AnchorStrong + #IronYardFit – Kettlebell Convergence

Conditions: 69 degrees and beautiful.

24 Pax stumbled out of the bed and assembled in downtown Columbia at beautiful Canal Side Park for a Kettlebell Convergence of epic proportions. It was short sleeve weather, low humidity, and a fast paced workout with plenty of variety.

It was great to see so many brothers fro Lake Murray / Lexington / and Columbia regions come together in and share sweat + pain + laughter + fellowship. It was a truly special event.

The morning began with a prayer, and the pax were instructed to circle up for a quick and abbreviated warm up to, “get some oil in the joints”


  • Kettlebell Stretch
  • Little arm Circles (I/C – 4 count) – 15 clockwise and 15 counter clockwise
  • Through The Tunnel (I/C – 4 count) x 10 – slow and concentration on
  • The Windmill – (I/C – 4 count) – 15 clockwise and 15 counter clockwise

  Anchor had control of the first half of the workout and Iron Yard took control of the second half.

The Thang: ANCHOR

It is approx.: 1/4 mile from the parking lot of the park, across the canal and to the three Rivers Amphitheater. Anchor decided to make good use of the journey by implementing stations at about every 100 yards (Stations were clearly marked with glow sticks) Movement from station to station was done with the kettlebell over the head.

Station 1: Kettlebell Chest Press x 25

Station 2: Kettlebell Curl x 25

Station 3: Big Boy Situps with Kettlebell on the chest x 25 (at the overlook Atrium)

Station 4: Goblet Squat

Station 5: Kettlebell Lateral Raises

Station 6: – Calf Raises on the stairs x 50

Station 7: – Incline Merkins (at the Rest Room Atrium)

Station 8: Curls x 25 ( at the edge of Bridge) + Lungewalk across the bridge

Station 9: Swings x 25 (other side of the bridge)

Station 10: Tricep Extensions x 25

Anchor finished up the “Q” with 50 chest presses at the  Amphitheater and handed off control to Iron Yard.

The Thang: IRON YARD

Iron Yard took over with a blistering pace. The difference between the two was quickly realized. Anchor concentrated on Strength + Isolation + Form – and Iron Yard concentrated on Fitness + Pain (and in heaping doses)


  • (Boat + Canoe) with Kettle Bell x 15
  • Squat Thrust (which is basically a burpee with the kettlebell) x 15
  • Kettlebell Merkin x 15 each arm. (these were brutal and foreign to Anchor, but will make a regular appearance from now on)
  • Napalm x 15
  • Lunge and Hold x 4 each leg (and by hold – I mean 45 seconds of pain)
  • Sled Rows (or pull over rows) x 25
  • Single Arm Bent Over Rows x 20 each arm
  • Plank Punch x 20
  • Hello Dolly (I/C 4 count) x 60 seconds

The remaining 4 minutes were spent walking the 1/4 mile back to the parking lot alternating Tricep Extensions + curls + military presses the entire time while moving.

At the parking lot – Lamont’s Lovely Fiance (FiA – “Bliss”) had a table set up with Dunkin Donuts coffee + Donut Holes + Orange Juice while the pax enjoyed a special devotion led by pastor G.E.D.

It appears everyone got the most out of the workout, and  it was a very positive environment.

BOM ended our time together with a Name-O-Rama (Hayden Lipham was named “ET”) and Great fellowship afterwards.

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  1. Great Leadership by LaMont and Stretch. Great Convergence. Anchor and IronYard need to make this a regular thing. Great 2nd E, too!

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