• When: 09/30/2015
  • QIC: Dry Heave
  • The PAX: Sisterwife, Noonan, Red Light, Barcode, PC, Seeker, LoveBug, Dry Heave

#Amble fartleks around #Thunder

With several #Amble pax beginning preparation for the Kiawah Half Marathon in December, today marked the “unofficial” beginning of that training with speed work at #amble. We have been talking about the need to do more consistent speed work for awhile (ever since we left Owens Field Track), so YHC figured today would be a great day to introduce something slightly different to the Pax and hopefully get back into a routine of more speed days going forward. So off we went…

Conditions: Too humid and muggy for late September.

The Thang:

1 mile warm-up run from DHS to the corner of Wheat and King (@ Hand Middle, aka #Thunder)

Fartleks— 3 laps around Hand Middle School campus

1. Sprint two blocks down King, from Wheat to Duncan
2. Jog one block on Duncan, from King to Woodrow
3. Sprint two blocks on Woodrow, from Duncan to Wheat
4. Jog one block on Wheat, from Woodrow to King

Repeat this loop around the campus a total of 3 times (1.5 total miles), alternating between sprint/fast pace and jog/slower pace.

One mile run from Hand back to DHS

Total Distance: 3.5 miles


-Red Light said that we need to come up with a name for this new route. Big Time dubbed it #ThunderLoops. Aye. #ThunderLoops it is.

-Good work by all this morning. Shandon’s grid layout lends itself pretty well to interval-type speed training, so there are plenty of opportunities for speed work around Shandon. The #Thunder/Hand Middle area seems to work well, because it is a.) well lit b.) mostly flat, and c.) exactly one mile from the AO at Dreher (good warm up/cool down).


-First Friday 5k on Friday, followed by #Coffeeteria.

Palmetto 200 sign-up is active and so is the preblast. The cost goes up at the end of this month. There is also a F3 discount code. Check the preblast for details.

-Get out and support #Blitz, F3 Columbia’s newest AO. T/Th at Memorial Stadium in Rosewood. This 30 minute workout is going to be strong, so either post yourself, or EH anyone in Rosewood to get out there!

-Mud Run sign-up has been extended through 10/3 but that is the ABSOLUTE drop-dead deadline. In the words of Subby: “Don’t think. Just sign up.”

-The #Leap rolls on with major launches 11/7 in Savannah, Augusta, and Knoxville. How can you help?

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