• When: 2020-12-22
  • QIC: Scrum
  • The PAX: Wild Hog (R), Glue, Kenwood (R), Hoist, Cramps, Dangle (R), Iron Mary (R), Bundy, SlumLord (R), Scrum


Here is the backblast for today…
10 PAX’s:  Wild Hog (R), Dangle (R), Slum Lord (R), Iron Mary (R), Kenwood (R), Hoist, Bundy, Cramps, Glue, Scrum
Warm-up:  1 lap, side straddle hops – 15 ct, through the tunnel – 15 ct, Michael Phelps – 10 ct, Bonnie Blair’s 10 ct
Went on a tour around the HS with several fun stops along the way…calf raises on back steps 10 x normal, 10 x out, 10 x in; lunges in back parking lot 2x; step-ups 20 ct, dips 20 ct, incline 20 ct and decline 20 ct Merkins on planter; jog a lap, run a lap on track, 10x up the gym steps with 5 Merkins at top and 5 Big Boy Sit-ups at the bottom each time.  Light-up soccer for last 10 min.
Nativity Rush Thur
Shoes for Digits
New Year’s Day Convergence at WKHS
Safe Run on Jan 1
Kenwood Q at Cat Thur

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