• When: 2020-12-24
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Navy Bean (R), CVD (R), Kenwood (R).

Christmas Eve Trivia and 11s

YHC jumped on the Q sheet about a month ago as CAT was trying to fill up December.  I chose Christmas Eve with the intent to make it Christmas related.  A plan was put into action and away we went.

2 for RuckLite.  Music by Van Halen.  Presents made by an Epson Workforce 630.

1 minute warning, intro, disclaimer, no FNGs, prayer,  we chatted for a few minutes then decided we better workout since we were there.

We had a moving warmup on the way to the presents I had for the guys.  Along the way we stopped a couple times for…

  • 11x SSHs OYO
  • 11x Imperial Walkers OYO
  • 11x Air Squats OYO
  • 11x LBCs OYO

We arrived under the long breezeway.  The idea was that we’d workout there in case it rained (which it never did, because it never does).  Also that breezeway is lit which helped out today.

We landed at a gift bag full of presents.  Each PAX would draw two slips of paper out each having an exercise on them.  Those two exercises would be used for a round of 11s.  We went through 3 rounds, with Christmas trivia mixed in, then a mosey down the breezeway and back.  We got through a second set of 3 rounds of 11s.  Another mosey and back.  We finished with some quality stretching and headed back to the shovelflag.  I can’t recall (my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet) what each round of 11s were, but here were the ones chosen from.  We did allow a couple redraws to account for similar exercises back to back.

Donkey Kicks
Feet out, in, up, down
Raise the Roof while Squatted
Michael Phelps
Monkey Humpers
Invisible Jump Ropes
Spider Merkins
Boat Canoe
Calf Raises
HRR Merkins
Bouncey Squats
Planked, L arm up, R arm up
Overhead Claps

In total we had 44 reps during the warmup and 660 reps during the 11s.  Not to shabby for a bunch of “respect” guys!  I can say that Navy Bean and CDV knew their trivia.

We circled up at the shovelflag and closed things out properly with announcements, prayer, pledge of allegiance.


  • 1/1/21 – New Years Convergence at Snakepit, time TBD

  • 1/1/21-1/8/21 – SAFE Lexington awareness week, many slots open (grab one or three)

  • now through 1/28/21 – FIA is collecting shoes in honor of Digits


  • Notebook
  • No Show
  • COVID victims and family
  • PAX traveling

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