• When: 2020-01-11
  • QIC: Buttermaker
  • The PAX: Booster, BooBoo, Little Giants, Wapner, Swanson, Candy Stripe, Pick Axe, Sunday Driver, Canseco, Hammer, Hatchet, Globogym, Chheddar (R), Voltron (R, Lil Papi, Buttermaker


Weather- 60, little wet


Circle up:

Motivators X 3 (listening to AOQ’s favortie- Taylor Swift)

9- Merkins IC
10- LBAC, F/B, IC
13- SSH, IC

Mosey to teacher parking lot:
14- squats, IC
40- LBCs, IC
43- IW, IC

Pax couldn’t figure the above numbers. Of course Cheech (& YHC) was a Steelers fan and those were the Super Bowl wins! 3 was for total number of head coaches.

Mosey to soccer field

Indian Run 1 lap

All X 14- run across field do exercise, rinse and repeat
J, jump squats
A, alternating shoulder taps
C, carolina dry docks
K, Kraken burpees (burpees w/ 3 hand release merkins) CROWD FAVORITE

Indian Run 1 lap

All X 12- run across field do exercise, rinse and repeat
R, reverse crunch
Y, yeah (song substitute- “Praise You in This Storm”, plank jack and mountain climbers X 12, rinse and repeat until song is over)
L, LBCs X 12 OYO
E, everest (lunge then squat) x 12 OYO
E, empty wheelbarrow (crab walk w/ partner holding feet) count of 12 then switch then run across field & back

Indian Run 1 lap

Mosey to flag listening to “In Christ Alone”
Imperial Walkers until song is over

Workout at field: Cheech’s son- Jack (14), daughter, Rylee (12)


F- Flutter kicks X 15 IC
A- American Hammers X 10 IC
I- Imperial Walkers X 15 IC
T- T plank merkins X 10 IC
H- Hillbillies X 15 IC

2 laps around parking lot


EH a brother

Prayer requests:

Flanagan family

Dawn Merck

Wapner- prayers with the family of Pastor (father passed)

SD- cousin & family with deployment coming

FD’s son Corbitt


Prayer & Devo:



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