• When: 2017-10-05
  • QIC: Wino
  • The PAX: Happy Trees,Toungue&Groove,Parks&Rec,Honcho,Matlock,Pole Cat,Khakis,Caboose,Shakapottamus w/respect,Doodle,Wilson,Urkle,Rollo,Babe,Spewey,Pullout,Nub,Wino

Merkin Explosion

YHC has been going to F3 for over a year and knew it was time to take the next step and Q. There are a lot of great men at smokehouse that really know how to put in the work. Many of the Pax were begging for a real beat down. So, instead I decided to take it easy on them. Its great to be surrounded by such awesome guys and YHC is very grateful each and every time that he posts. Getting better each time is what the Pax goal is and I think we all achieve what we came for.

Conditions: 61

The Thang:


Mosey to track for one lap around

Circle up at end zone



Imperial Walkersx10


Mosey to block pile and grab a block. Partner up and meet at goal line.

Partner 1 sprint to other goal line and begin performing merkins. Partner 2 10 merkins at goal line, then farmer carry blocks 10 yards and do 10 merkins. Carry 10 more yards, 10 more merkins. Continue until partner 2 reaches other goal line. Partners flapjack and repeat above until both partners are back at the starting goal line. The partners then together do merkins until they have reached a total of 500.

Put up blocks and return to practice field for 4 corners. All pax split up into 4 man teams. At corner 1 the 4 man teams start out with 20 merkins. Then 3 pax casualty carry the 4th pax to the next corner.Then do 15 merkins. Casualty carry to next corner then do 10 merkins. Casualty carry to the next corner and do 5 merkins. Casualty carry to last corner then plank it up and wait on 6.

Mosey to top of stadium stairs and partner up. Partner 1 sprint the stairs, partner 2 amrap burpees. When partner 1 returns, flapjack then partner 2 sprint stairs while partner 1 does burpees. Round 1. Round 2 merkins. Round 3 shoulder taps. Round 4 squats.

Mosey to flag and do dips at curb until time is called.



Spewey got a F3 merlot bag to sign and then pass off to the next pax to merlot.

10/10/2017 Pull Out VQ

F3 to feed the BL varsity football team @ 3:30 on friday the 6th

Country Fair @ Caboose church. Immerse church on highway 1. Saturday 5-8.

Ducks Unlimited green wing youth event @ T&S farms. Saturday 10/14 @ 3:30. Free event for youth 17 and under. Banquet after will require a paid ticket to enter. See Pull Out for ticket info.

Town of BL to hold Fall Festival in Leesville on Main Street. 10/31 on highway 23 side of main street towards midlands tech campus.


Las Vegas

Hayward Bouknight

Honcho F-I-L (Paul)


ordinary men becoming extraordinary with God.