• When: 2021-03-23
  • QIC: Urkel
  • The PAX: Wino, Tongue & Groove, Nub, Shank (Respect), Wilson, Swayze, Hollywood (Respect), Belding, Urkel

Always Happy to cover for Happy Trees

YHC reached out to Wilson yesterday offering to take the Q since the Qsheet was empty at that time.  Never got a response and noticed the “late” tweet stating Happy Trees had the Q.  Cool – I’m glad someone stepped up!  Unfortunately HT had alarm issues again this morning (I can’t give him a hard time because it happens to me frequently) so I got my chance to take over.  Wino and T&G were there which made us all happy – great to see some faces we hadn’t seen in a while!  They are both still beasts!  Great work by all – love being out there with you ITG.


Wilson made some comment about a slaughter started so…why not?

10 burpees OYO

TTT IC x 10 (slow)

SSH IC x 15

Imperial walkers IC x 10

Power Jacks IC x 10


Flutter kicks IC x 10

Merkins IC x 10

Worlds greatest stretch (feels SO good!)

Mosey (yes NUB, MOSEY) to the brick pile and grab 2 bricks.

stop at the pull up bars and perform knee raises x 15

pickup the bricks and mosey (Nub is crying at this point) to the hill next to the track.  Partner up in groups of 3 (Nub can barely talk at this point due to so much mosey but he started his normal mumble chatter about not understanding how you can be partners with 3 – typical Bouknight)

The thang:

Blocks in hands at all times.  Group of 3 performed Mary:

P1 – start at top of hill performing squats

P2 – run to top of hill to relieve P1

P3 – stay at bottom of hill until P1 returns performing exercises

100 flys

200 BBSU

300 over head press

Still way too much mumble chatter from Nub and Swayze (they are a wonderful pair) so it was time for a quick Indian run around the track.  Belding ran backwards, sideways and weaved in and out of the line showing us all how in shape he is.  Good work!

Stop back at the hill for one more round (P1 top, P2 run up hill, P3 exercise).  This time the group had to complete 50 V-ups.

Mosey to return the bricks.  Stop back at the pull-up bars and complete dips and pull ups again.

Mosey to the ticket booth.  5 merkins, run to each light pole and complete 5 merkins at each until you reach the flag.

1 minute left so we finished with boat canoes and heel taps.


Great work men!

Prayers for Gunter family with recent house fire.

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