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OK Campers, Rise and Shine

AO: Woodshed
Q: Pipeline
PAX: Side Salad, Silent Bob, Teddy, Pipeline
FNGs: None
4 pax did not let a little mist keep them from celebrating a great American holiday and the most underrated science fiction film of all time.


SSH x20 IC
Flutter kicks x20 IC

SSH x20 IC
Flutter kicks x20 IC

The Thang:

Start at the shovel flag. Imagine a clock radio playing “I Got You Babe” on endless loop (YHC brought a speaker for actual music, but the damp made that a non-starter)

Bill Murpees (what we call “burpees” on any other day) x5
Andie Macs (Bonnie Blairs) x5

Mosey to the corner of Prince Wales

Punxsutawney Phil sit-ups (PPSUs) x5
Teddy Rolls x5 in honor of your new AOQ

Mosey to the corner of Chambly

Groundhog humpers x9
Sonny & Cher Squats x9

Mosey to the northwest corner of the park

Worst Merkins Ever x6 (#Crowdpleaser)
Pennsylvania dry docks x6

Mosey back to the flag

Flutter kicks x20 OYO #ForThe6

Now imagine getting up off your 6 to the soothing tunes of I Got You Babe, and… do it all over again.

All pax completed 3 laps. Somewhere in the middle of the last lap @Silent_Bob realized the rep counts were 5:59 -> 6:00 for the alarm clock in the movie.

To celebrate the end of the loop and the regaining of free will, finish with a round of dealer’s choice. @Side_Salad called a sprint to the stop sign. #LongerThanItLooks


Announcements: F3 Charleston 10th anniversary coming up!


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