• When: 09/09/15
  • QIC: Boris
  • The PAX: Strain (FNG - Brandon Vaughn), Virus (FNG - Grant Miles), Spot, BackDraft, LoveSeat, Odyssey, Petty, PaperCut, Stretch

Why was it so quiet today at Iron Yard?

10 PAX took part in the first kettle bell and agility workout. The PAX would like to welcome our 2 FNG’s Grant Miles – Virus and Brandon Vaughn – Strain.  I think everyone got what they came for this morning.  It was great to have 2 FNG’s as Iron Yard continues to grow.

If you have never been out to the Iron Yard you should give it a try.

Conditions: 73 and very Humid

The Thang:


Mossey over to the football field

SSH X 20 (4ct)

Toe Touches X 15 OYO

High Knees X 15 OYO

Arm Circles X 15 (4ct) Front then same for Back

Part 1: Low Plank Run and Jump – 1st person low planks next person jumps over them and low planks.  So you are either jumping over or low planking.  This went down the football field and back.

Part 2: CIRCUIT Of PAIN: 35 Minutes of Non-Stop Pain

All Exercises are On Your On

1. 30 Side Straddle Hops

2. 10 Kettle Bell Goblet Squats

3. 10 Kettle Bell Merkins (5 each side)

4. 10 Kettle Bell Iron Crosses

5. 30 Plank Jacks

6. 10 Kettle Bell Curls (10 each arm)

8. Sprint Across Football Field and Back

9.  Repeat Circuit

Mossey over to wall

Part 3: Peoples Chair – 1st Round: 1:30 – Pass 50lb Kettle Bell down the line and back, then pass the 50lb Kettle Bell under our legs down and back. Recover

2nd Round:  1:45 – Hands up, Toes up, Hands down, Toes up, Hands out, Toes up, Recover

3rd Round:  1:30 – Sit for most of this round. Recover

Mossey over to parking and circle up.


This was the first balls out kettle bell workout.  There was no standing around, we were constantly moving and working hard.  I really think this will be a lot of fun and will get more people out to Iron Yard.

The PAX really pushed it today with very little chatter.  I hope everyone got what they wanted out of the workout this morning.  If you have any advice on how I can be a better Q please let me know.


Please continue to pray for Walker and his family (Nail Pop).  Walker is having a rough time again.  

09-09-15  5:15pm Henry’s Hump Day Happy Hour – Location: 2865 Devine St. Columbia, SC

09-12-15  Last day to sign up for the Mud Run.  Please get it done ASAP.

09-12-15  6:00am DawnStrike – Where the Professionals Workout.  Please come on out I have the Q

09-14-15  5:30am – Kickoff of Grit Iron at the Woodshed – Agility Workout

09-18-15 Tunnel to Towers 5K Road Race in Honor of Stephen Siller (very moving race)

Hurrican Hike Signup please see Big Times Backblast

BOM – Led by Boris

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