• When: 09/09/15
  • QIC: Kenny G
  • The PAX: Holy Poker, Land Shark, Skirt, Beacon, Improv, Drone, Wingback, Pondo, Ziffle, Pi, Grilz, Pipeline, Kenny G

Easy does it Stumble

13 PAX posted to Stumble this morning for light mosey back and forth around the neighborhood. Given that this was the final taper run for Stumble BRR team, YHC chose to do 3.2 miles on a FLAT route at an easy does it pace.

Conditions: HUMID!

The Thang:

Left out of AO onto Olde Knight, Left on Old Woodlands, Left on Macon, Right on Galway, Right on Merrill, Left on Old Woodlands, Left on Christie, Right on Galway Right on Saye Cut, Right on Old Woodlands, Right on Christie, Stay on Christie across Galway, Left on Byron, Left on Wormwood, Right on Olde Knight, back to AO.


I told the PAX we were aiming for a 9ish pace, but as usual Stumble doesn’t like to be constrained by a pace police, the run ended with negative splits, 8:35 – 8:15 – 8:10. I guess since we didn’t hit sub 8s and kept it around 3 miles it counts as a taper.

Some, YHC included, treated this as a dress rehearsal for BRR and took the opportunity to run in full BRR night gear. I’m sure we made for an interesting parade through the neighborhood with our headlamps, reflective vests, blinking lights (some pink), and water belts.


Most announcements centered around BRR logistics, team members check email. Official Twitter hashtag for those that wish to follow along is #F3BRRStumble.

Land Shark has Stumble Q on Friday.

BOM – Kenny G


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