• When: 08/18/2015
  • QIC: Costanza
  • The PAX: Windy, Happy Trees, Geno, SubPrime, Adrian, Jenny, Spot, Insanity, Beaker, Purple Rain, Beads, Nacho, Huffy, OC, Betamax, Paperboy, Shamu, Lederhosen, Tri-Lamb, Costanza

Tens at Thunder

Twenty Thunder pax arrived at the parking lot of Hand Middle School this morning for another installment of a Costanza Q. Intensity was high, we kept the pace going. Great work by all. YHC attempted to keep the rep count to 10 (with some exceptions) today to allow some recovery between sets, and help the pax put in the work, but keep the form in check.

Conditions: 75 degrees, 91% humidity with sprinklers on the field.

The Thang:

Warm up lap around the parking lot.

YHC set out 4 cones on the field. Near the end of the lap, YHC provides the following instruction, without stopping.

When pax hit the curb line of the field, begin Suidicdes turning around at each cone.

When complete, Big Boy Sit ups waiting on the 6. After the 6 arrives:
10 x 4ct IC Big Boy Sit ups.

Up and light jog back to the parking lot, YHC provides the following instuctions on the move: At each parking lot stripe in the center island, Pax to do one squat. That’s 25 Squats, by YHC’s count.

When complete, head to the edge of the Hand Field, Big Boy Sit Ups waiting on the 6. After the 6 arrives:
10 x 4ct IC Big Boys

Tuck Jump, then High Knees to each cone. At the Cone, Tuck Jump Again. All the way down the field, and all the way back at each cone and the opposite end of the field.

When complete, LBCs until the 6 arrives, After the 6 arrives:
10 x 4ct LBCs

Up and back to the parking lot. Instructions on the move: Burpees at each parking lot stripe. That’s 25 Burpees.

When complete, back to the Hand Field, LBCs until the 6 arrives. When the 6 arrives:
LBCs IC x 10.

Next, 5 OYO Slow-Fast Merkins at each cone, then Bear Crawl in between. This time, we stopped at the oppoisite end of the field to wait on the 6, while waiting:

Flutter kicks, after the 6, 10 x 4ct Flutter kicks

Then, back, 5 Slow-Fast Merkins at each cone, Bear Crawl in between. #Crowdpleaser

When complete, Flutter kicks waiting on the 6, then 10 x 4ct Flutter Kicks.

Up and back toward the parking lot, instructions provided on the move, Alternating legs, one jump lunge at each stipe.

When complete, Rocky Sit ups waiting on the 6, then,
10 x 4ct IC Rocky Sit ups

Then to #Emily’s Underpants – The Amphitheater

At the base of the Amphitheater, Ab sequence:
10 x 4ct IC Big Boy Sit ups
10 x 4ct IC LBCs
10 x 4ct IC Freddie Mercury
20 x 4ct IC Flutter kicks
10 x 4ct IC Big Boy Sit Ups
10 x 4ct IC LBCs
10 x 4ct IC Freddie Mercury
30 x 4ct IC Flutter Kicks

On the Amphither
10 OYO Box Jumps
10 x 4ct IC Merkins (flat)
10 x 4ct IC Decline Merkins
5 x 4ct IC Decline Iron Crosses #Crowdpleaser
10 OYO Box Jumps
10 x 4ct IC Merkins (flat)
10 x 4ct IC Decline Merkins

Up and to the playground, all pax get in 5 Pull ups,
then line up on the edge of the field with back to Wheat Street.

Until YHC stays stop, rund to the opposite side of the field, do 5 SSH, 5 Merkins, run back.

YHC thinks most pax got in 5 cycles, some got in 6.

Recover and up the stairs to the bottom of the hill on King St.
Broad Jump to the first drive way, then sprint to the top of the hill.
Flutters (or something, YHC can’t recall at this moment) waiting on the 6.
At the top, back down, Broad Jumps to first drive way, then sprint to the bottom of the hill.

Plank it up, waiting on the 6. YHC Had a nasty extended plank sequence in mind here, but was foiled by a oncoming vehicle. The pax did get in:
30 seconds plank
30 seconds Plank, right arm on back
10 seconds in Regular Plank
30 seconds Plank, Left arm on back
about 20 seconds before the car came: Plank with Right arm extended out

At the sight of the car, up and return to the shovel flag.

Finish up at the shovel flag with 40 x 4ct IC Flutter kicks

Recover, finally.

, closed out by Costanza

Devo by Paperboy, Encourage people to be the leaders they already are, most people don’t know the impact they are making until you verbalize it.


– Great work put in the by the pax today. Yes, I heard the #mumblechatter and a lot of groans, but you got it done.

– The truth is, there is nothing worse than doing Bear Crawls and merkins all the way across a field, then doing them while being sprayed by the Hand field sprinkler system. This is an added benefit to posting at #Thunder.

– Lots of great chatter on Twitter following the workout, as always

– Great news from Spot following a great time at F3Dads Camp, word is Thunder is know for putting in some hard work. That was proven today.

– Missed our AOQ this morning, McLovin, hope you feel better soon.


– Spur this Saturday, 7am at the Blatt. Show up and provide some support.
– Next Saturday, Woodshed Anniversary, 7am
– Kaiwah 1/2 and Full HCs due to Costanza. $45 and $55 – Can’t beat those prices
– If you’d like another installment of Costanza, head over to Swampfox where YHC will have the Q there on Thursday.

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