• When: 10/113/15
  • QIC: kim Jong
  • The PAX: costanza, traitor, betamax, promo, 2 live, subprime, beads, bromo, jenny, tri lamb, insanity, mclovin, oc, huffy, kim jong, package for the last time, paperboy, el guapo

Supreme Leader returns to Thunder…was he ever here at all?

as the first stale leaves of october twirl gently on the morning breeze, a city lifts its curfew, and the gloom is reopened for the first time since flooding; 18 brave souls venture out for a reprieve from the work of real city wide recovery, and encounter a reality just as harsh as a boil water advisory…


Conditions: 63F and dark. no humidity, no rain…

Tha Thang:

it’s been a rough couple of weeks for the City of Columbia

(instead of “google dream” i used “driveby dream” and this is what popped up…go figure #historyiscool)

and Monday night’s breaking news didn’t do anything to help the feeling….

(OOPS, Wrong Picture…)

(anybody gimme a lift to 95?!?)

…except maybe to put things in perspective…I mean, what’s catastrophic destruction of homes and lives compared to gamecock football returning to mediocrity?!?!

(photo taken from (driveby’s front yard…go figure)

so lets use our time together to clear our minds…

2 laps around the track for a warmup…get the blood flowing, clear the cobwebs, get the ankles and the knees and the stiff old backs and the elbows and the spleen limbered up, get the old brain juices flowing,


get the eyes to fully open, get the heart rate up, try to realize exactly what we got going on here…why not thunder? why not Q on the first day back at it in a couple of weeks as we’ve addressed the flood? it’s good to be back to a normal schedule, since the curfew is lifted, and to get back to being a workout group…

let’s head over to the COP…which will be here…no here…no here…no lets go this way…now this way…


this is fun…it’s supposed to be fun…

end up at the end of the field and do some:

25 4x ic ssh’s

20 4x ic squats

(learned ’em from sway…)

20 4c ic imperial walkers

300 little baby arm circles

(Who does it better?)

mosey on across the length of the field doing karaoke swapping halfway…

and then butt kicks and high knees all the way back, followed by

25 4x ic big boy situps

10 merkins

25 flutter kicks

then another meandering mosey over to the planter boxes for

20 step ups

10 incline merkins

10 decline merkins

20 box jumps

peoples chair 2 minutes

20, 10, 10, 20 again

20 big boy situps with feet on the planter box #Subbystyle

peoples chair 2 minutes

20 10 10 20 again

20 big boy situps with feet on the planter box #Subbystyle

peoples chair with little arm circles

20, 10, 10, 20 again

(Betamax reacts…)

20 big boy situps with feet on the planter box #Subbystyle

mosey over to the field again…

frog jump across the field


25 big boy situps

25 flutter kicks

skip across the field (high knees!!!!)

skip back… congrats to costanza on becoming #downtownskippingchamp

I can’t stand losing!!! oc you take it! i quit!

oc went crazy with the flutter kick/russian twist/flutter kick/russian twist/flutter kick/russian twist 5 minutes of mary…

so, a quick recap of what has happened here…recruiting was good

we won games….


then recruiting wasn’t…

(am i the only one that sees a 4star recruit…? welp, anyway…)

Image result for steve spurrier ladies clinic

and now we lose games…

so he bailed…

but don’t worry about the ole’ ball coach…he’s gonna be ok…

oh yeah, the cubbies! they play and win the nlds! on to the NLCS!!! so, “hey chicago, what do you say?!”


announcements and stuff were made… it was good to be back…see you guys in about a month, man…



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