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Lonesome Dove

AO: Sandlot
Q: Fenway
PAX: Runt, Fenway
FNGs: None
WARMUP: toe touch squat, through the tunnel, cobra stretch, Imperial walkers.windmill, seal clap, hillbillies, baby arm roll forward and reverse, raise the roof.
THE THANG: 25 core and strength exercises broke down in five rounds each. Average 20 reps each:
MARY: incline/decline merkins,chest press, kettlebell swing, jump squat, Inchworm, two leg mountain climber, Burpee,
gorilla shuffle with burpee, big boy with coupon, plank jacks, iron cross, Russian twist with coupon, skull crusher with coupon, side lunge,reverse crunch, curls for girls, plank shoulder tap, plank jack birthday, high knees, v-up with coupon, goblet squat, dead bug, man makers.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: mount Mitchel Hike this Saturday, Murph, Sandlot convergence.
COT:prayers for Bayou’s Knee treatment, Swingline’s Mom, Hasbro’s wife, Baconator’s friend, Fenway’s Granddaughter, Bayou’s wife.

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