• When: 7/31/2015
  • QIC: Dry Heave
  • The PAX: Mission, Decay, Dry Heave

Running Around the Parking Lot

At 5:28am, Decay and YHC discussed whether we should begin the run, on account of what appeared to be an impending storm brewing. Honestly, it was less the heat lightening, nor the pink sky, nor the radar showing a storm in the area. It was really about the stiff breeze that was blowing. Because, let’s get real, we don’t generally get the benefit of cool breezes at 5:30am in Columbia in July.

Then, at 5:31am, up comes none other than Mission. After traveling extensively recently, Mission was fired up and ready to run. At that point, whether or not to run became a moot point. We were running somewhere. It was just happening. And no storm ever came.

The Thang:

DHS “track” (i.e. the parking lot)

We stayed on campus and ran approximately 3.0 miles in circles around the DHS parking lot. Not an exciting route, but effective, and the 2nd F was great.


Mission motioned that #Amble return to its former 5:45am time slot. Motion denied.


F3 Columbia is gathering a group for the Kiawah 1/2 marathon on December 12. More info to follow, but HC’s are needed asap to get the discount code. Check Constanza’s e-mail for more info.

Hot Summer’s Night 5K is this Saturday evening at 7:00. Race starts and ends near Hand Middle School (#Thunder AO). Flat and fast 5K. Test your speed. Party following at Promo’s (just around the corner on Monroe). $5 discount code 5HOTK

HeeHaw’s 13.1 Mile run from Chapin to Little Mountain and back is just around the corner. This run is the morning of 8/15 at 6:00 AM. There is a preblast here – Little Mountain Preblast Link

F3 #theSpur launches at the Blatt PE Center on campus Saturday, 8/22. If you have any connections to USC or any student organizations please let us know.

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