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Silent Bob Goes Rogue

AO: rogue
Q: Silent Bob
PAX: Shocker, noonan, Easy Street, Bemis, Swingline, LA Gear, Quaker, clickbait, Flipper, Lobstah, Silent Bob
FNGs: None
Stand in the parking lot and be cold until we start running.

It is a sin to have a run group on Tuesday/Thursday, but it is also a sin to break a pinky promise so…

On a cold, crisp December morning, 11ish PAX gathered together for the warmth of fellowship and the promise of a ridiculous 10k route to tackle together. They departed as one from the upper Target parking lot, but soon became sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.

The bright 0517 moonlight soon plunged into black night as the group traversed the Troll Bridge (no injuries reported) and entered a small half-pipe. Dismounting with a perfect 900, the PAX landed at the top of an indian mound motivating them to pick up the pace until they came clear into Martha’s Glen.

With the 45.6% waning crescent moon again providing visibility, the group veered through some old woodlands towards Chimney Hill before backtracking through Saye Cut to the Port of Galway.

They soon came upon a field of meadows, where another group altogether lie prostrate as a harbinger of the perils associated with that realm. Despite the forewarning, our protagonists took 3 detours through the region in search of… something. Whatever it was, they didn’t find it. (Or did they?) The final deviation took them through a bleak, dusty trail (no injuries reported) before good sense led them on a more direct route back to their point of origin.

With the scent of coffee on the air, the PAX finished with a flourish before keeling over in fatigue (or was it relief?). Ultimately, the passage proved fruitless as they ended up in the same place they started although upon reflection, perhaps they were all the better for the journey? It may be so.


12/16 – Cold Brew Half-Marathon
12/17 – F3 Columbia Christmas Party

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