• When: 8/11/15
  • QIC: Stretch
  • The PAX: Crack, Improv, Backhoe, Teddy, Stretch, Landline, Onramp, Silver Bullett, Pie, Holy Poker, Love Seat, Chewy, Llama, Bubs, Happy Trees, Papercut, Beacon

Red Rover Red Rover

I had an idea for quite some time now that I wanted to do for my next Q at a bootcamp. Fortunately, the opportunity arose sooner than I had expected when Meltdown asked for someone to switch with him for the Q today. I volunteered to just take it because I already knew exactly what I wanted to do. There is a childhood game I used to play and loved it, red rover red rover. I suppose it was because I was a scrawny kid (you know, grew into a real buff as an adult) and got picked often. It was always fun when I plowed right through the line or stopped someone else from trying to do the same. So this morning we played red rover red rover F3 style. 17 members from the pax showed up eventually sending there best exercise right over.

The Condition: 70s and perfect play weather

The Thang:
Mozy to back of the school
All exercises were in cadence (4 count) and 20 reps
Imperial Walker
High knees
Butt kicks
Flutter Kicks
Hello Dolly

Split into two groups (group 1 and 2)
Group 1 perform AMRAPs with focus on good form of the following while group 2 performed people’s chair until every member was finished with the exercises (low plank when you were done): pull-ups, dips, decline merkins
Repeat again but this time Group 1 performs AMRAPs of chin-ups, six inches (as long as possible), incline merkins while group 2 performed people’s chair. Once every member completed the exercises then groups switched (low plank while members finished)

Red Rover Red Rover send an exercise right over. Group 1 and Group 2 lined up across from each other. Each pax member sent an exercise to the other group, once groups members completed their exercise and reps they low planked until everyone from both groups finished. Exercises consisted of the following (don’t recall the order or number of reps): burpees, big boy sit-ups, squat jumps, SSH, low plank, merkins, side plank hip thrusters, and so on and so on and so on.

Stretch sent the last few exercises over to all pax members
Boat Canoe holding 10 seconds x 6 for each
Squat with 30 second hold x 3 sets

– Convergence at Woodshed August 29: Dawn Strike at 6AM, running group at 6:30, boot camp at 7AM
– Convergence with Ironyard and Anchor August 28 at 5:15AM with cafeteria afterwards at 6AM
– 1/2 marathon this Saturday at Little Mountain at 6AM, group meeting at 5AM at Woodshed to carpool
– Bull on fire Sept 7 at the Bull
– Axe starts next thursday at Woodshed
– Happy Hour this Wed at 5:15
– Lunch on Thursday moving to Salsaritas on Gervais this week

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