• When: 10/16/15
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Cornstache, Myrtle, Huffy, Gump, OC, Traitor, DriveBy, Costanza, Subprime, Polo & F'head

#Ramble III

The movie, Rocky III is a return to glory movie…  The rich and famous Rocky Balboa slumps into a depression after his trainer is inadvertently killed by the guy who subsequently claims his heavyweight title.  Rocky’s old and slow…  but a former rival, Apollo Creed, offers to train Rocky up again and coach him back into the glory days.  Such was the metaphorical backdrop when Costanza called YHC on Wednesday and told me I needed to, having degenerated considerably these last few months, Q the #Ramble faithful.  My last #Ramble backblast was titled “Return to #Ramble II”.  With the accountability of faithful brothers, hopefully there won’t need to be a 4th sequel.

Conditions: 54 Degrees and crisp


Simple 3.6 mile rectangle (which was clarified to be a square with one side longer than another)
South on Woodrow to a left onto Montgomery.  Montgomery to a left onto South Ott.  South Ott to a left onto Devine and back home to Woodrow.  A few bumps along the way but an otherwise flat, fast Friday.



  • It’s always good to be back at Ramble… even when I’m the six.  As was commented, I’ve got to get trained back up so that I can then train up for the P200 in the spring… it’s been that long since I put in the miles.  Hold me to it.
  • Nice to have a little chill in the air.  Apparently the flood week that we mostly missed was our week of perfect weather.  Today wasn’t half bad, though.
  • Strong 100% showing at the newly reopened Starbucks.  I guess water is important when serving drinks.
  • Pray for Scotch and be careful if you can get back out to serve our community further.


  • MudRun is only a week away.  Wow did that sneak up on us.
  • Flood relief work will crank back up on Saturday 9:00 AM at Kathwood Baptist Church.  We’re also looking to the future as to what we can do long term.  Let us know if you have ideas.
  • #TheMission is looking for an OCR training gig tomorrow morning.  Hit up Robber if you can map out a route and help those guys tweak their final training.

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