• When: 09/25/2015
  • QIC: SubPrime
  • The PAX: Gump, Polo, Myrtle, Cornstache, Turtle, DriveBy, OC, DosEquis (#Kotters), Windy, Ice9, Cesspool, Gypsy, OC, SubPrime

#Ramble goes flat…supposedly

14 faithful posted to #Ramble this Friday morning despite the high probability they heard rain as they unassed from their collective #fartsacks.  Could these #runners have something other #F3Columbia men don’t when it comes to the art of defying #Cantore?  It certainly appears that way.  Ice9 joined us from #Metro and appeared to enjoy the loop through Shandon, Heathwood, and Melrose Heights and he even joined us for #Coffeeteria.  All but three runners decided to spice things up by adding a nice Adger climb despite YHC’s attempts to communicate the course and message that this was to be a completely flat course.  What can YHC say?  This group apparently craves the #DRP.  Maybe some additional #Ultra relay runners will emerge afterall???

Conditions – 68 degrees w/ light mist

The Thang:

Flat 4 – depart SPC heading down Woodrow.  Left on Blossom and continue to Ott.  Right on Ott and left on Coleman…follow to Kilbourne and turn left.  Proceed across Devine and #zigzaginly meander onto Cedarwood.  Follow around the curve onto Heatherwood.  STAY STRAIGHT AND FLAT down Heatherwood until it dead ends into Adger.  Right on Adger and left on Murray.  Follow until it dead ends into Daily. Right on Daily and follow around the curve onto Bratton.  Stay on Bratton until Maple and turn right.  Left on Kirby, left on Woodrow and back to the house.


BOM – Closed out by YHC

Moleskin – 

  • Follow instructions!  Do so and avoid hills when the goal is to run a flat and fast 4 miles.  Of course, maybe this is also lesson on how to Q….
  • Great having Ice9 with us this morning.  Rumor has it he’ll be back in the Capital City next week.
  • #Kotters to Dos.  That IT Band appeared to be working properly this morning.  Nice return….

Announcements –

  • Palmetto 200 sign-up is active and so is the preblast.  The cost goes up at the end of this month.  There is also a F3 discount code.  Check the preblast here for details: #F3P200
  • Mud Run sign-up has been extended through 10/3 but that is the ABSOLUTE drop-dead deadline.  One thing’s for sure, given how many “Mud Run” posts I had to sift through on the F3Nation site to find the preblast it’s clear just about every region is putting in their work.  Are you?  Is your AO?  Are you even going to participate in it?  Don’t think.  Just sign up.  Preblast here: Mud Run
  • The #Leap rolls on with major launches 11/7 in Savannah, Augusta, and Knoxville.  Have some FNG’s in those markets?  Sign them up for emails here: #Leap
  • On a local expansion front #Blitz launches at Memorial Stadium 9/29.  Cornstache is the AOQ and is looking to make this a creative, thirty minute beatdown.  The workout is 5:45-6:15 but promises to pack enough pain to fill a more typical 45 minute workout.  While ‘Stache would appreciate your support he is hoping to cultivate a new group of pax.  If you know anyone in the Rosewood area please get those guys to this workout.

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