• When: 2019-10-19
  • QIC: Cesspool, Misfire, McNugget, Billy Bob, Kilt, Teddy, Rudder, Pipeline, Mud Dawg
  • The PAX: Rivet, Horsetail, Windmill, The Beast, 7/11, Recount, Bendi, Squirrel, Bubbles, Lovebug, Smokey, Ball Boy, Swing Line, Brother Si, Big Worm, Corn Dog, LA Gear, Silver Bullet, Gaston, Backdraft, Cow Bell, Wild Blue, Papa Giorgio, Columbo, Troll, Sled, Rhonda, Hustler, La Pew, Grillz, WHam, Adrian, Beads, Cornstache, Turtle, Blowout, Boo Boo, Oscar, Valdez, Snowden, Ruby, Daddy Warbucks, Hiedi, Baby Ruth, LugNut, Stent, McLovin, Chyna, Alter Boy, Full Montey, Welcome Week, Hiest, Gump, Handlebar, Hugo, Socrates, Fiji, Enos, Commodore, Boris, Promo, Beta Max, Ash, Cap Gun, Landshark, and others that I accidentally recorded over. Sorry boys.

Plant, Serve, and Grow…7 years later. It’s working!

7 years ago, Dredd and Crotch Rocket decided to plant, serve and grow a workout group for the invigoration of male community leadership in Cola.  Thank God they did!  F3 has developed into arguably one of the finest fraternities in the country and we’re thankful to be a part of it.  Men all over need it, especially YHC.

The marking of the 7th anniversary is special and we needed a special workout to challenge these PAX.  YHC set a goal of 77 PAX which was going to be a lofty goal if you research the other Convergence attendance in 2018 and 2019.  Guess what, we surpassed it thanks to all the Columbia guys but more importantly the Lake Murray and Lexington PAX that made the trip.  Thank you!

Enough with the pleasantries, HERE’S THE THANG!

Conditions:  56 and cloudy perfect.

83 PAX posted in the parking lot of AC Flora HS (home to the #BATTLE AO).  YHC was giving last minute instructions to the leaders Mud Dawg, Kilt, Misfire, McNugget, Rudder and one guy who will remain nameless that didn’t show up early like he said he would, but he’s the Nantan.  We’ll let him slide this time.  As we came back to the starting area, the parking lot was packed and that was a good sign.  Billy Bob lead all the PAX to the football field for COP.  Command was given to circle up.

YHC lead a short warm up session with 7 reps being the theme.  All IC.


High Knees



Run option breaks off for a 5 mile route in the shape of a 7.  Hills were a plenty.  Pipeline lead about 12 guys up and over Belmont and then back up Falcon to Forest Drive for an out and back.  Thanks Pipeline!

Count off in groups of 7 (thanks Corn Dog for messing this up off the jump).  Each leader was assigned a number

  1. McNugget
  2. Misfire
  3. Mud Dawg
  4. Rudder
  5. Kilt
  6. YHC
  7. Billy Bob

All PAX dispersed with their respective leader and they were lead to 7 different locations of the AO with printed instructions at these locations.

Football Field

  • 35 Yards out and back Prowler
  • 35 Jump Rope reps (forgot it so we modified to ski jumps)
  • 35 Yards out and back with Medicine ball
  • 35 Monkey Humpers
  • 35 reps on the BATTLE Rope (counting Left arm only)
  • 35 Squat Thrusters with Medicine Ball touching cross bar of goal post
  • 35 yard suicide at each 5 yard line

Bermuda Triangle (front area near the front parking lot)

  • 7 Big Boy Situps (BBS) at the first cone.
  • Bear Crawl to the 2nd
  • 7 BBS
  • Broad Jump to the 3rd
  • 7 BBS
  • Backwards Run to the 1st

7 Rounds

LD Section (pick up the Long Dongs

  • 7 Curls (Both arms)
  • 7 Military Press
  • 7 Front Flies
  • 7 Side Flies
  • 7 Merkin Rows
  • 7 Flutter Kicks w/LD’s out to the side (count Left leg only)
  • 7 Freedom Twists w/LD’s (count only one side)

7 rounds

Jacob’s Ladder  (near the tennis courts)

  • 7 Burpees at the top of the hill at the Tennis courts
  • Run to the bottom and back to the top
  • 6 Burpees at the top
  • Down and Back
  • 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

TEDDY’s Jam (back parking lot and lead by our Kettle Bell extraordinaire Teddy) 

  • Kettle Bells with TEDDY is always fun.  He’s the only PAX that didn’t move the entire CONVERGENCE.  THANKS to TEDDY!!!!!!!

COD (Patio on the left side of the school)

  • 7 V-up’s
  • 7 LBC’s
  • 7 Freddie Mercury’s (count one side)
  • Pinocchio (All PAX on their backs, shoulder to shoulder. Pass the Medicine Ball around the Circle once.  Then complete the upper case alphabet with legs)
  • Ring of Fire (All PAX plank. 1 PAX performs 7 merkins.  All others plank until each PAX has performed 7 merkins.)


  • 7 Squat Thrusters with the Concrete Test Cylinders
  • 7 Pull-ups
  • Run the BATTLE Loop
  • 7 Diamond Merkins

Everyone returns to the front parking lot for COT.  No FNG’s today which was disappointing.  Big thanks to our brothers across the river for making the trip.  Billy Bob reiterated how important F3 is and how we need to keep EHing and reaching out to our brothers that aren’t posting as often as we’d like for them to be with us.  Safety is always the standard.  Reflective gear is VERY IMPORTANT!

BOM:   Blowout


  • Great participation from all AO’s and that is reflective of the AO Q’s that are driving the PAX.
  • Announcement for Smokey about the Go Leo Go 5k at Saluda Shoals.