• When: 2019-10-19
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Troll Hunter, Black Beard, Rate Hike, Geek Squad, Flipper, Road Block, Ponzi, Hair Spray

Lex Pax Guest Q at Waynesville

YHC likes to come visit the men here in Waynesville whenever in town. After visiting a couple times, it was time to give back by taking the Q this weekend. Having the Q also means that YHC can’t just turn off the alarm and go back to sleep.

Disclaimer, Prayer, Get after it


10 LBAC forward
10LBAC backwards
10 Overhead claps
15 seal claps

The Warm up: 5 min AMRAP
20 Rocky Balboas (Quick feet step ups on a parking spot wheel stopper)
10 Squats
10 SSH
5 Merkins

The Thing:

Partner up. Pax 1 does walking lunges down the parking lot while pax 2 does 10 hand release merkins. Once the merkins are done, Pax2 runs up to Pax1. Flap Jacks

Plank for the 6 and then do some fun plank exercises

Now we are on the wrong side of the parking lot and we have to get back to where we started.

Pax 1 does backward walking lunges back up the parking lot while pax2 does 10 hand release merkins. Once the merkins are down pax 2 runs up to pax 1. Flap Jacks

Plank for the 6 and then do more fun plank exercises including the Burt Reynolds

Mosey over to the track.

Still with your partners, pax 1 bear crawls counter clock wise around the track while pax 2 does 10 BBSU then runs clocks wise around the track to pax 1. Flap Jacks. Always bear crawl counter clock wise and run clockwise. Once every pax has run at lease 2 times (about half a mile) all the pax gather up at one end of the track.

Plank while everyone makes it back together. YHC shows the pax in Waynesville how to thread the needle. In a side plank, take the free hand and reach under the body, like you are trying to grab something behind you, and then bring that hand back out out and reach for the sky.

If you have blocks at hand and alternative exercise would be to use a block. In the plank position, drag the block across your body. Get in to a side plank and stand the block on end. Get back in plank position and drag the block back to the other side.

Still with your partners, pax 1 crawl bear down the straight on the track. Pax 2 does 10 BBSU then runs to pax 1. Flap Jacks.

Peoples chair while we wait for the 6

Mosey to the school with a brief stop in the parking lot to plank for a minute while we wait for the 6

The finisher: 5 min AMRAP
5 Berpees at the bottom of the stairs
10 BBSU at the top of the stairs

Mary for the last few minutes
Scissor kicks (what ever those are, felt like flutter kicks to me)
American Hammer
Hello Dolly
Something about a frog (idk what it was called)

Call time
Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, Ball of Man

Devo – Every Gathering of men needs a purpose. What is our purpose?

Everybody got better.
7 pax went to the coffeteria for the man sized bowls of grits and biscuits