• When: 08/04/15
  • QIC: Chewy and Pondo Co-Q
  • The PAX: Improv, FroYo, LoveSeat, BackHoe, Stretch, Pi, Backdraft, BedBugs, OnRamp, Pipeline, Wiki, Llama, HolyPoker, PaperCut, BoneSaw, Bubs, Meltdown, Pondo, Chewy

March Madness . . . in August

YHC Had the opportunity to Co-Q with Chewy on his VQ, and is simply posting the balance of this BB for Chewy until he gets log-in access, after which I expect him to burn up the website with posts.

20 Pax posted this morning at the Woodshed for a trip down memory lane. YHC celebrated his VQ and almost-5 month F3 anniversary by reliving the thorough #beatdown (care of Shade Tree) on YHC’s first post on March 10th. YHC remembers it well. Maybe not so much the details, but he remembers thinking things like “these people are crazy” and “why would anyone do this to themselves” and “will it ever end” and “I hate burpees.” But, YHC came back and here we are doing it again (with a few, slight modifications so that I could hopefully remember the number of reps).

Conditions: It’s August in Columbia, so, obviously, hot and humid. 75 degrees and 87% humidity (conditions were just a little different on March 10th)

The Thang:

Mosey down Prince Wales to intersection w/ Queens Way. Circle Up.


Squats X 20 IC

Little Arm Circles – Forward 15 x IC

Little Arm Circles – Backwards 15 x IC

Shoulder Press 20 x IC

Carolina Dry Docks X 20 IC

Mosey on Queens Way toward Old Woodlands, Circle up at Black Friars Road (or thereabouts)

10 Merkins OYO

10 Burpees OYO

Plank when done

Mosey next corner

10 Merkins OYO


Plank when done

Mosey to Old Woodlands, turn right, mosey to Indian Mound.

Circle up at the corner of Indian Mound and Old Woodlands

Partner up

First exercise:

Run to the bottom of Indian Mound (first corner) do five Burpee’s (10 b/t partners) then run back up to the top and do 10 merkins.

Plank when done

rinse and repeat.

Next exercise: run to the bottom of Indian Mound (first corner) do five Burpee’s (10 b/t partners) then run back up to the top and do 20 fist pump BBSitups.

Plank when done

rinse and repeat.

Next exercise: line up with partner on Old Woodlands to Indian Run back to Queens Way.

Back on Queens Way we stop at an intersection and did 10 alternating lunges IC and 10 merkins IC by Pondo We ran to the next intersection and did a series of high plank, low plank, extension bridge, right arm up, with the left leg, opposite- also did right arm up, and left arm up with feet stacked

Indian Run (that devolved into a mosey after a rookieQ’s missed turn onto Prince Whales) back to the parking lot at Woodlands Park for 4.5 minutes of Mary: flutter kicks, Rosealita’s, Russian Twists, Freddy Mercuries, LBC’s and high plank to finish the workout.

COT and BOM by Chewy


Bubs had positive results from his scans in Texas, and we will keep him in our prayers for continued good health.

3rdF opportunity at Eastminster Presbyterian Church tonight from 6 to 7pm. Study of Life Worth Living and Philippians. Directions: when you’re on Trenholm Road, look for the arches (this is the Gymnasium entrance). The group will be meeting in Room 356 of the Life Center. See Paper Cut (@F3PaperCut) for details.

Celebrate Woodshed’s first anniversary. F3 Columbia Convergence set for August 29th at @F3Woodshed starting at 0700 (along with #Score and the #Wall). #Dawnstrike hits the Woodshed in tank tops at 0600. #bethere or #besquare. See Pondo (@F3Pondo) for details.

Meadowfield Elementary has given us permission to attend their “Mustang Mixer” this Saturday, August 8, 2015 in Woodland Park at 10:00 am. This is an opportunity to recruit men – parents, teachers, etc. for the Woodshed and also to thank Meadowfield for allowing us to use the school campus. We’ll be handing out flyers, etc. Don’t forget to wear your F3 shirts.  See Pondo (@F3Pondo) for details.

#IronYard / Kettle Bell Convergence is set for August 28th at Riverfront Park at the Canal. Post at 5:15am. See Stretch (@TyerKevin) for details.

Little Mountain Half-Marathon: BRR prep and anyone else. See Hee-Haw (@F3HeeHaw) and other details here: http://f3nation.com/2015/05/29/little-mountain-half-marathon-brr-prep-or-big-ole-red-pill/

Reminder that the Mission posts at Finley Park every Saturday morning at 8:30am. Come #getbetter with a great group of men. Also, beginning this week, the Mission guys are going to be training for the upcoming mud run. Training will be on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7am. This will be the first run for these men and training will take them from running 2k to 10k by race day. See Robber (@srankin ) for more details.

Devotional by Paper Cut. Preview of tonight’s 3rdF study at Eastminster Presbyterian Church at 6pm.

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