• When: 08/25/15
  • QIC: Hot Tub
  • The PAX: Reefer, Spidey, Ditto, Speed Bump, Tweetsie, Big Sky, Cheesesteak, Newman, Valdez, Bigfoot, Waterboy, Eagle, Cochran, Ditchwitch, BlueBlocker, Hook 'Em (Tony Kahle - FNG), NomeDome (Ryan Elliot - FNG), Floater, Slowpitch, MiterBox, Purple Pony, Nomad, Hot Tub

Full Throttle

23 PAX w/ 2 FNGs showed up in the gloom for an anticipated Q from YHC. Due to the reputation YHC had made for self with last 2 (count it 2) Q’ing “mishaps” (1 late arrival, 1 no show, resulting in a self imposed 100 burpee penalty, paid in full), banter started early on Twitter the night before. “will he actually show” “alarm issues” could still be heard ringing in the head of YHC while driving to the AO. Knowing that YHC had to bring the heat and show the Sawmill PAX a true Hot Tub Q, let’s get it done.



The Thang

SSH x 50 (IC)

Disclaimer (with modifications for when times get a little “too tough”)

Sprint to overflow parking lot, LBCs until 6 arrives

20 merkins, 10 burpees,

sprint to tree line, LBC until 6 arrives

20 merkins, 10 burpees,

sprint to parking lot, LBC until 6 arrives

20 merkins, 10 burpees,

sprint back to tree line, LBC until 6 arrives

20 merkins, 10 burpees,

sprint to bricks, LBC until 6 arrives

20 merkins, 10 burpees,

grab 1 brick and mosey to back of building

Line up along fence line at end of field

LBC w/ brick behind head x 40 OYO

tempo (3 count down, 1 count up) merkin w/ brick directly under chest (chest must touch brick each rep) x 10 (IC)

V-up w/ brick between ankles x 10 OYO

tempo squat w/ brick overhead (5 right, 5 left) x 10 (IC)

bear crawl suicide w/ 3 stops (10, 20, 30 yd stops), sprint 1 suicide

tempo merkin w/ brick under right hand x 10 (IC)

russian twist w/ brick x 20 (IC)

tempo goblet squat w/ brick x 10 (IC)

crab walk suicide, sprint suicide

tempo merkin w/ brick under left x 10 (IC)

hydraulic w/ brick switch x 10 ea OYO

tempo diamond merkin w/ brick centered under chest x 10 (IC)

put bricks up and mosey to front lot

Here, YHC challenged the PAX to complete 1 more set of previous exercises with a higher level of effort and intensity than the first 5 times completed

20 merkins, 10 burpee




Matthew 18:20

“Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there with them”

Proverbs 27:17

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”



– Chisel / Prowl meet M/W/F in the NE for extra work

– continue to sign up to Q (especially Saturdays)


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