• When: 07/25/15
  • QIC: Flamer & Adrian
  • The PAX: Flamer, Adrian, Splinter, Gypsy, Hustler, Corn Stache, Hawg

Flamer Meet Me at the Mall, It’s Goin’ Down …

7 Pax posted today for an Adrian / Flamer combo at #Battle and got all they wanted. Flamer stepped up for the #TwitterlessRocket and filled in on the Q. Apparently, Rocket is making a final push to get his handicap down under 3 before Fall. It’s just hard to get it down when you only play 4 times a week and put in a solid 12 hours a week at the office. We wish him the best.

YHC was a tad bit nervous being paired up with Flamer. About 8 months ago at Battle, Flamer was the author of the worst Q I’ve ever witnessed – which consisted of nothing but sprints and merkins. Flamer brought the same kind of simplicity today, but don’t let the straightforward nature of the Q fool you – it was brutal.

Flamer took us on a little jaunt to Richland Fashion Mall (is it still called that)? Do “malls” still exist?

Among the burpees and sprints and humidity, it dawned on YHC that when I was wining and dining the young ladies of my middle school at Richland Mall in the early 90’s – treating them to some cheese sticks Ruby Tuesdays, a nice slice of Sbarro at the food court, or a viewing of the Bodyguard – Flamer was probably in diapers. And probably doing burpees.

But, I digress. Those that survived today are better for men for it. Details below.

WEATHER: 78 degrees and muggy


Flamer Q

Immediate fast-paced run from the parking lot to Richland Mall

Parking Garage (nice and humid):

Start with 10 burpees

Sprint up first ramp, 10 burpees.

Sprint up second ramp, 10 burpees. 10 burpees as you go up each level (5-6 levels?).

At top, spring across parking lot and down stairs.

Repeat. AMRAP for 25 minutes.

This was brutal. Not much of a breeze in the parking garage. Not sure how many everyone did. Splinter, Flamer and Corn Stache led the pax – followed up by Hustler, Gypsy, Hawg and YHC. Not sure how many we got in, but Splinter was close to lapping us when Flamer finally called time. #Crowdpleaser.

Flamer / Corn Stache lead flutter kicks while waiting on the 6 at the top of the parking garage. Hand of to Adrian.

Adrian Q

Run across Beltline and down Forest Drive

Cross Forest Drive to Apt Complex across from Flora for:

#Dirty MacBattleDeuce

Adrian didn’t have to go too deep in the playbook to pull out his patented Dirty MacDeuce, but had to put a little stank on it for Battle.

No rest between exercises, Side Straddle Hop Burpees are 4 count, 15 reps, 2 burpees at 5, 10 and 15

Merkins x 12 (IC) / Russian Twist x 12 (IC) / Mountain Climbers x 12 (IC) SSH Burpees x 15 (IC)

Werkins x 12 (IC) / Freddie Mercuries x 12 (IC) / Plank Jack x 12 (IC) SSH Burpees x 15 (IC)

Slow-fast Merkins x 12 (IC) / Russian Twist x 12 (IC) / Chaser LBC x 12 (IC) SSH Burpees x 15 (IC)

Knurkins x 12 (IC) / LBC x 12 (IC) / Mountain Climbers x 12 (IC) SSH Burpees x 15 (IC)

Run back across Forest Drive to bottom of Falcon Drive for:

Uphill Strings of Fire Suicides

Start at bottom of hill. Pax do the following exercises IC, x 12 (no rest), then immediately run uphill suicides with 4 cones laid out (up/down each one)

Diamod Merkins x 12 (IC); Squats x 12 (IC); Plank Jacks x 12 (IC); Uphill suicide

Plank sequence – regular, right arm up, right leg up, left arm up, left leg up, low plank x 20 seconds

Run to Bottom of Battle Loop for:

Circuit: 20 Wide-Arm Merkins; 20 Mountain Climbers, 10 Rocky Sit-ups, 10 burpees

Run battle loop and gather at bottom for:

Flutters x 25 (IC)

Jailbreak back to COT

Adrian treats the pax to an iced down Gatorade from his free Yeti cooler (no hat yet)

– Announcements: Hot Summer Nights 5k – see Promo for details

– Hawg mentioned a friend who passed away due to a heart attack – know where you stand with your faith as we all have limited time here on earth

– Form school at 8:15 at Woodshed – but I admire any of you who had the energy for that

– Hats off to Flamer who leaves in a few weeks to join the military – thank you for your service and we’re proud of you

– BOM led by Adrian

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