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Feels Like Old Times

A small and faithful group of 10 met in the gloom of DHS, sore from Tuesday’s kettle bell swing-a-thon and needing to work out the kinks.

Conditions: 78 and partly cloudy

The Thang:
Logo’s Loop with Pain Stations

Stop #1:
Merkins x10
Squats x15
Sit ups x20
[Repeato – AMRAP in 5 minutes]

Stop #2:
Wide Merkins x10
Jungle Bois x15
Rocky Sit Ups x20
[Repeato – AMRAP in 5 minutes]

Stop #3:
Diamond Merkins x10
Close-leg Squats x15
LBC x20
[Repeato – AMRAP in 5 minutes]

Bear Crawl from trees to pipe. Too aggressive on part of Q. Stop halfway. Bear crawl back to trees. (Crowd pleaser).

Hollywood Squares:
Incline Merkins x10
Step ups x15 each
Decline Merkins x15
Single leg lunges x10 each
Iron Man crunch x15

Wall Street:
People’s Chair x:60
Merkins x10
People’s Chair x:60
Wide arm Merkins x10

Mosey to Parking Lot:
Lunge Walk – 50 yards




  • The second M/W Dreher bootcamp was a success. 
  • It was nice to have a small group. Don’t get me wrong — I love the energy in a big group, but this morning the smaller atmosphere was just what the doctor ordered.
  • Speaking of this morning, there was significant discussion (both here and Amble, I’m told) of soreness as a result of the kettle bells. That’s proof positive they did something and will be worked into normal workouts.
  • Also, there is talk of making Wednesdays a standing kettle bell-focused workout, perhaps with stretching.
  • Bear Crawls are universally hated.
  • The last time there were 10 or fewer people at Brickpile was December 20th, and we had just begun 3 times a week workouts then. Since then, we have added 7 additional workouts in 2 new places, and another location comes online Saturday (Irmo). Our growth has been fun to watch.
  • Irmo launches Saturday, August 3rd at Seven Oaks Park. 07:00


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  1. Be on vacation next week and will miss Hot Summer Nights and 2ndF HH. Probably not #fuelchallengeapproved, but will be in for the next postfuelchallenge HH.

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