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#Amble: The best of both worlds

14 pax (correction from earlier tweet) entered the gloom in the parking lot of Kathwood Baptist Church this morning with thoughts of a typical, easygoing Wednesday on their minds.  Although ambitious thoughts of speed intervals were nixed courtesy of #KettleHell and #the300workout an aggressive course combining the best of both worlds (Lake Katherine and Jackson Heights) awaited.  The pax settled into their normal pace-based groupings and successfully navigated the new and hilly challenge.  T-claps to DryHeave (FNG Ryan Barnes) for finishing the four mile course.  His exclamation point was a bout with #splilledmerlot during the COT. 

Conditions: 75, cloudy and humid

The Thang:

4 mile run around little Lake Katherine and into Jackson Heights.  Out of the KBC parking lot turn left onto Forest Ridge.  Continue left onto Quail Lane before cutting the corner with a right on Lockewood.  Turn right on Shady and follow to Woodlake where a right turn took the pax up the hill to Trenholm.  Zig-zag across Trenholm onto Limestone and follow through the zig-zag at Clemson onto Graeme.  Follow Graeme until making a right onto Roslyn.  A right onto Converse starts the trek up, down, and uphill to Clemson.  Left on Clemson passing SwampFox (CMS) before turning right onto Winthrop.  Follow Winthrop until making a right onto Wofford.  Travel by Citadel Park and turn left onto Chicora.  Chicora empties onto Trenholm and the Pax looped back onto Forest Ridge before stopping in the KBC parking lot. 


BOM – Closed out by SubPrime


  • Quite possibly the most amazing FNG introduction ever today by DryHeave.  “I’m Ryan Barnes and…” (he gracefully turns away and engages in a dry-heaving attempt to compose himself).  T-claps to DryHeave’s willingness to finish the 4 mile loop knowing it was beyond any distance he has run in recent years.  He also handled the Twitter fun with grace and class.  See you tomorrow morning.
  • Chaser reported another red fox sighting as he pulled into KBC.  Stay on your toes out there.
  • Thoughts and prayers go out to Robber and his family as they mourn the loss of Leo.  Robber will travel to the upstate today for the memorial service and proudly shared his plans of posting with F3 Greenville Saturday.  This in and of itself demonstrates the spirit of F3.


  • The Capital Rotary Club blood drive is WEDNESDAY, JULY 31st at 1333 Main St — the CBRE Building. Please visit www.redcrossblood.org and enter sponsor code: CapRotary to schedule your donation or call Bryan at 760-1562 for more information.
  • August 3rd is Irmo #BigBang at Seven Oaks Park. For details see: http://f3nation.com/2013/07/22/preblast-f3-irmo-sc-set-to-launch-83/
  • Robber has offered to head up or F3 Foundation efforts. Chaser has agreed to head up 3rd F efforts. If you would like to assist with either of these areas, please get in contact with Robber and Chaser. Email [email protected] if you need their info.
  • #Amble will henceforth meet at the Owens Field Track every Monday. While many have requested further use of Owens Field, coordination of only sporadic use of that facility has caused some frustration. As such, #Amble will begin meeting at Owens Field Track every Monday for speed work.
  • A group including Fountain Head, Chaser, Fannie, Sway, and SubPrime are planning to train for and run in the Governor’s Cup Half-Marathon.  The race is Nov. 9th (Gamecock open date) and if we get 10 (hopefully we’ll blow past that number) we will be eligible for the group discount.  Please let us know if you are interested.  We’d like to see solid F3 Columbia representation.


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  1. Red Foxes, Illegal Dumping, Spilled Merlot, Epic FNG intros…you never know what youre gonna get at amble.

  2. Amble is a true cornucopia of experiences. Greatest FNG intro in the history of F3. I tweeted it and no one has one-upped it. So, it’s a record. Welcome Dryheave!

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