• When: 07/18/15
  • QIC: F3
  • The PAX: Speedo, Spidey, Inspector Gadget, Gluten, Brown Shorts, Pacer, Crooked, Boo Boo

F3 goes to “Peekins” aka Pickens

The PowderKeg boys have seen a need for expansion into Pickens County for a long time. What better way to do this than to bring F3 to the newly built Doodle Rail Trail. The Doodle Rail Trail (named for the train car that mimics a doodlebug traveling from Easley to Pickens) is similar to Greenville’s SRT. The 8 mile stretch has many more hills though. Hopefully this exposure will aid our efforts to expand and rescue the sad clowns of Pickens County.

3 shovelflags were planted along with the banner that Seal had made. Thanks brother!!!

Six men did a short warmup before the race. Not only did it prepare us for our run, it also gave others a chance to experience what an F3 workout consists of. Let’s do it right here at the starting line.

SSH, LBC, ‘Mericans, MC, Werkins, Oblique crunches both sides, and Flutters were all done in cadence to show what our workouts are typically like.

After the National Anthem we were off. The course began on some hilly surface streets but would soon get to the new Doodle Trail. Near mile 2.5 latecomer Crooked caught me and paced me to the finish. I lost Boo Boo in the crowd.

Many firsts would happen today. For the people of the area it was their first exposure to F3. Special Kudos to Speedo for running his first 5K and doing an outstanding job at the finish along with all our team members who came back to cover the 6. YHC would set a new 5K PR thanks to F3. Nearly 2 minutes better than last year.

I believe fun was had by all. This event will give us momentum for our future expansion in the area.

Thank you brothers. Always a pleasure! Prayers for all our F3 brothers and families all over the country.

Brown Shorts

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