• When: 08/14/15
  • QIC: Double Rub, Firecracker, Little Bit
  • The PAX: Double Rub, Firecracker, Little Bit, Pondo, Eagle, Jar Jar, FNG Wildfire, FNG Rocket, Beta Max, VHS, DVD, Marshmallow, Chaser, Chocolate, Bulldozer, Unicorn, Big Time, Bird, Mclovin, Costanza, Batman, Snow Flake, Lego, Creeper , Cart Wheel, Huffy

F3 Dads Columbia – Last for the summer

26 Total Men and 2.0’s attended the last F3 Dads at Brickpile for the summer. Great fun organizing a plan with my 2.0’s and very happy to have the opportunity to help organize such a fun event.

Weather : Gorgeous


  • SSH
  • High Knees
  • Superman(crowd favorite)
  • Flutter Kicks

Mosey to side line

  • Lunge walk 25 yds to cone and back
  • Dads complete Merkins while 2.0’s run to cone and back
  • 2.0’s complete SSH while Dads run to cone and back
  • Lunge Walk to cone and bear crawl back
  • Back peddle to cone and

Dealers choice

  • Dads complete curls holding each 2.0
  • 2.0’s complete burpees while Dads run to cone and back
  • 4 or 5 more circuits that YHC can’t remember called out by dads

Line up on goal line

  • Dads complete burpees while 2.0s run to mid field and back
  • 2.0’s completed burpees while Dads run to midfield – Dads get a surprise on return when they are bombarded by water balloons strategically hidden by YHC. Technical difficulties caused by how longs the water remained balloons but well played by the 2.0’s.


COT: Double Rub, Firecraker, Little Bit

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