• When: 08/06/15
  • QIC: El Guapo
  • The PAX: Pink Eye, First Choice, Moon River, JB, Two Buck, Roscoe, Cheesy, Lovebug, Spanky, Flea, Halftime, Logo

Brickpile Means Bricks

13 PAX cut through the soupy Columbia air to great the day. When planning this workout, I thought that using bricks the entire time was a novel idea. It quickly became clear that was only good in theory. In reality, it sucked.

Conditions: Muggy

The Thang:

Get Bricks (use bricks for all possible exercises)

3 min AMRAP- 10 SSH, 10 high knees, 10 forward and back little arm circle 4 count

Mosey to upper field

3 min-  10 raise the roof, 10 jump squat, 10 merkin

Run to other side, 10 burpees OYO

Mosey to top of hill, 5 burpees OYO

Mosey to People’s Wall

  • 1 min People’s Chair w/ arms out and raise the roof
  • 20 calf raise, 10 carolina dry dock, run to other side, 10 LBC, run back x3

Mosey to edge of field, 10 burpees

Run to tree line

3 min- 10 squat, Hustler push-up to 5, 10 LBC

Mosey to Squares

  • 3 min- 10 step-up each leg, 10 dip, 10 incline merkin
  • 3 min- 10 step-up each leg, 10 sitting crunch, 10 incline merkin

Mosey to wall

  • 10 front arm lift, 10 side arm lift, 10 overhead clap
  • 1 min People’s Chair

Mosey to upper field

  • 3 min AMRAP- 10 bench, 10 nose breaker, 10 LBC
  • 10 full sit-up

Run back to pile


Devotion by Dean Wormer

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